Lady becomes a Hero by Performing CPR on her Boyfriend -

Lady becomes a Hero by Performing CPR on her Boyfriend

Emergencies can occur anywhere, at anytime without warnings. This is what happened with a couple in Fort Lauderdale who arrived in South Florida for a vacation; however, things did not go as planned.

Howard Ryder and his girlfriend Kelly Mardesich went to South Florida before taking a cruise. They decided to spend their first night in a hotel; however, during midnight Ryder went into a cardiac arrest. After sometime when Kelly tried to wake him up; he didn’t respond. She did all she could to awake him but Ryder was completely unconscious.

In her interview with 7 News, Kelly said, “I turned on the light and tried to wake him, shout, shook him. No response, and I knew something was wrong.”

However, Ryder was lucky to have a girlfriend who having completed a CPR course few days back, immediately started performing CPR on him after calling the firefighters. Kelly performed uninterrupted CPR on her boyfriend on the floor for ten minutes till the paramedics arrived.

The paramedics told 7 News, “The fact that she did do CPR right away and kept going until we got there, that’s exactly what saved his life.”

Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue Chief Jib Webster told 7 News, “She kept that window open for us, and it was closing fast.”

After the arrival of the crew, Ryder was given chest compressions by connecting him to a machine and then was taken to the emergency room.

According to Kelly, “They helped me, and they saved him [Ryder] from what was going on ’cause I mean … I don’t know how long I could’ve done it.”

Thus, it was his girlfriend’s knowledge of CPR that saved Howard Ryder’s life. Ryder thanked the team of Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue for saving his life not forgetting his girlfriend who played a major part in saving him from death.

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