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First Aid through Mobile Technology

Advancements made in the field of science and technology is surely enhancing every other aspects of human life and changing the world. Technology has made the medical field more reliable and effective than it was decades back. New technologies and innovations made for the healthcare industry have made it possible for us to deliver instant CPR and first aid and in the process save lives.

Top apps for first aid

Injuries and accidents come unannounced. It is important to be prepared always. Courtesy technology, you don’t have to jump the guns to get medical or first aid attention. Development and innovations are being made for enhancing quality of healthcare in the world. Here are top apps for first aid, which are worth the download!

  • First Aid app from American Red Cross –This First Aid app is from Red Cross and is a fantastic tool. It is inclusive of safety tips for almost everything and anything, standard directions for cuts, heart attacks, burns and more. The app is also preloaded with content. Thus, you don’t require Wi-Fi for accessing it and you don’t have to worry about its use during emergencies. It is designed with a red, white and clean scroll design. All you need to do is tap on the unique emergency feature and get constructive instructions immediately. The app is completely integrated and enhanced with 911. Thus, getting help or calling for one is super easy. The first aid app is available on Android and iOS for absolutely free!


  • Pocket First Aid and CPR – Pocket First Aid and CPR app has been redesigned. Now the app reflects only the update CPR and first aid for emergency cardiovascular care guidelines of American Heart Association. The app comes with concise and clear instructions for children, infant and adult CPR, along with 46 HD illustrations and 34 videos. The app is available for Android and iOS for only $1.99!


  • Army First Aid – This app is designed and developed by the Double Dog Studios. It brings to life the Army’s first aid manual, covering more than 600 pages of instructions and written content. Through this app, you can avail basic first aid details, inclusive of breathing, bleeding, heat, cold and fracture injuries and also instructions for rescuing and transportation of victims. The app also has categories talking about poisonous and dangerous plants and animals to look out for and enable you to survive them. The app is available on iOS for $1.99 only!


  • GotoAID- GotoAID is an app and Health and Safety Institute’s member. The app has been designed and reviewed by veterinarians and physicians alike. It is designed especially for pet lovers. You will find numerous guides and manuals about first aid, but there is limited information or devices for animals. GotoAID is an apt app, whose premium version comes with over 400 topics related to first aid and sound clips, video instructions, search functions and distress signal information. There is a lite version that comes loaded with 40 categories for first aid and is available for free, unlike the premium version, which you can buy for $4.99.


  • Drops First Aid –This app for first aid is by DynamiskHelse and is designed with a super clean and simple interface, diving information into 3 instructive sections. Drops First Aid app include summaries that offer comprehensible instructions and help you to take instant action. The videos also provide clean and clear visuals, complete with instructions and guide on how to tackle different situations. The app also comes with options related to advanced life saving techniques concerning CPR training and it is available on iOS for $1.99 only!


First Aid app from American Red Cross

This app is officially developed by American Red Cross and is designed to provide expert advice and opinion for various emergencies. Through it, you get instant accessibility to information related to ways to tackle first aid emergencies, especially the common ones. It is loaded with interactive content – from videos, step-by-step guides to quizzes.

Features of the app

  • The instructions and guides are in ‘step-by-step’ order and comprehensive. They allow you to handle everyday situations involving the implementation of first aid.
  • It is a fully integrated app with 911, which allows you to call EMS at any given time.
  • There are safety tips available for any kind of crisis, from hurricanes, severe winter conditions, tornedoes to earthquake and enables you to prepare for these emergencies right on time.
  • The content is preloaded. Thus, you don’t have to worry about internet connection or Wi-Fi and get accessibility to information whenever you need.
  • The animations and videos are super interactive, instructional and fun to watch at the same time.

The American Red Cross also has made a Pet First Aid App. Through this particular app, you can get veterinary advice for emergencies. It is convenient to use and find content for dogs and cats. The app also provides simple and instructional guide and enables you to prepare, as well as, protect the health of your pet. It also contains programmable veterinary contact details, within your easy reach.

Mobile technology is advancing to a whole new level. It is becoming the ultimate source for getting information. Therefore, having such first aid apps installed in your mobile phone or any handheld device, will provide you instant and fast information, advice and expert help to tackle common emergencies on time!

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