Let’s make it to 100 years’ old! -

Let’s make it to 100 years’ old!

Many times, 911 is called because people complain about not feeling well. The complaints range from aches and pains to nausea and vomiting and shortness of breath brought about by activity or just sitting on a chair. These complaints occur because of several reasons. One is when we disregard our physical health and not exercise or we fail to eat right, and two, we fail to drink enough water, which could cause dry mouth, dry skin, weakness, headaches, and dizziness when we stand. The bottom line is that some of our complaints come from the lack of attention that our body is asking for. We ignore ourselves and our body responds by making us feel bad. Well, what does that mean?

If we don’t eat any food for several hours, our body responds by causing a peevish sound in our stomach. We get a feeling of hunger. These are symptoms and a form of communication where our body is asking for attention. If we disregard this request, the symptoms will intensify by a greater hunger feeling, aches and pain in our stomach, loss of weight, dizziness, fainting, and in severe cases, death. A simple fix would be to eat something. However, some people engage in activity the enables him or her to ignore these requests from the body. A busy schedule will cause a person to go through life and only live off of small bits and pieces of snakes; snacks that does not provide vital nutrients necessary to survive.

Sodium, potassium, calcium, and other vitamins are intended to assist the body with growth, mental capability, strength, and energy. Without them, a person can develop diseases such as cancer and the like. Even more, the body cannot survive without exercise. In order to participate in exercises, one must have energy. You get your energy from food and when you don’t respond to the request from your body to eat, you have no energy. But what happens when you do eat and don’t get any exercise? Well, you have energy but you are no using it.

The body respond to eating without exercise by causing an evolution in muscle and tissue. This is known as getting fat or overweight. Overweight simply refers to someone who gains weight beyond that which is normal for his or her height. Being overweight can also produce aches and pains. Let us look at the typical human being whose height and weight demonstrate a norm.

Let us say for instance that you are 4 feet and 10 inches. The normal weight for this height would be in the area of 90-119 pounds. But if you were at this height and your weight is 120 to 143 pounds, you are considered overweight. It is not always the truth that people overweight have aches and pains but surely over time, symptoms will develop and you will notice it.  If we look at football players, we see some very big men out there. Some have overlapping belly muscles and yet they are typically healthy because they are frequently exercising and eating. In fact, there is more exercising in their schedule than eating.

When these football players retire and decrease on their exercise routine, there is a propensity of the body to request assistance by developing symptoms such as pain, shortness of breath with exertion and more. We must not ignore these symptoms and take action to respond. So where does healthy living come from?

Healthy living comes from the choices that we make as we progress through life. In the United States and abroad, the media circuit flashes images of people working, walking, playing, and eating. Some of these people are overweight and from the looks of the habits he and she have, a biological time bomb is ticking. Can we disarm this time bomb? Sure, we can. We respond to the request of the body when it is asking for attention. What attention is the body asking for?

Your body wants water, plain H20 with no sugar, alcohol, or anything else. Give it to yourself. Your body wants vegetables to include peas, spinach, beets, broccoli, carrots, potatoes and more. Give it to yourself. Your body wants to exercise because you decreased or stopped your regular exercise routine. Give it to yourself. And your body needs sleep but is sleep a good thing?

If you eat, drink excessive carbonated sugar and alcohol and don’t get any exercise, too much sleep may be detrimental. Here, we are talking about calories. Some of the calories that you take in should be removed by exercise. Once you have done that, perhaps 20-30 minutes of cardio and 5-10 minutes of weight lifting per week, getting sleep is good. But not exercising and overeating to include alcohol, your body will store fat in your muscles and tissues. The end result will be aches and pains, diabetes, heart attack and perhaps astroke. Isn’t it good to know that we can (for the most part) control our destiny by responding to the request of our bodies? Let’s do it and see if we can make it to 100 years old.

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