Book Review: Living Ready Pocket Manual -

As the title states, this book is a pocket manual. It means, apart from being stuffed with practical first-aid information, the size is handy and light enough to slip in sleek backpacks or inside the glove compartment of your car. To water the aesthetic appeal, it would be worth mentioning that the edge has color bands which segregate individual chapters. During emergency, you will appreciate this quick-search touch.

Slimming down the content, the book has seven chapters excluding an index and the introduction. They cover vast array of medical disorders with those expected in survival state. Each chapter is further divided into more specific information and subheads. For example, let’s consider chapter 4 – Exposure:  Hyperthermia and Hypothermia. It is beautifully segmented intoDress for Survival; Overheating; Muscle Cramping; Heat Exhaustion; Heatstroke; Hypothermia; How to Treat Hypothermia; Frostbite. There is an outstanding piece at the beginning of the volume listing what to include and in what quantity in a survival first-aid box.

Advices are clear, to the point and simple. Systematic illustrations and bullet points help with speedy first-aid reference. Dr. Hubbard has beautifully included everything under a single roof from a minor bump to severe disaster. This handy book will not make you a physician overnight but will give you a better insight to tackle medical emergency.

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