Why you need to renew your CPR Certification? -

Why you need to renew your CPR Certification?


Getting your CPR Certification renewed is a general requirement. AHA, ARC and other private certification providers require you to get your certification renewed every 2 years. Primarily this is to ensure that your knowledge and skills are up-to-date.


Given the nature of its procedure, one can easily forget vital points and steps concerning CPR process. Therefore, the CPR certification renewal obligations have been made mandatory or else it will get cancelled. There are other reasons why CPR certification has to be renewed after every 2 years. There are jobs that need professionals to be in possession of valid and active CPR certification. If you are involved in such a sector, you need to renew your CPR certification within six months’ of its expiration.

Studies show that many CPR certified people are incapable of passing skill tests after a year of their training. Therefore, renewal of CPR certification will in a way, help such individuals to hone their skills and enhance their knowledge in CPR. Furthermore, CPR guidelines are susceptible to changes. So, getting your CPR certification renewed will also help you to learn about the new techniques and ensure effective administration of the steps too.

Here is how you can renew your CPR certification –

CPR certification renewal takes place in different ways. Those certified with American Red Cross or American Heart Association, will have to retake CPR examination and course in order to renew their certification. The process includes a review course, whereby you will have to review the program and its new techniques and then participate in an examination process. There is another part of the renewal process, under these health a, called the challenge course. In this particular course, you don’t have to review the study materials. All you need to do is give the examination.

The best option for renewing your CPR certification is via online resources. Online process does not require individuals to sit for classes, within a specific time frame. One can simply renew his or her CPR certification by participating in a particular online program. The concerning programs are based on either the American Heart Association or ILCOR guidelines. The program requires an individual to participate in a training program that is video based. There is no strict schedule for taking part in the training program. As per your convenience, you can undertake the program.

Renewing your CPR certification is a mandatory deal. You don’t have to spend much time or invest a lot for renewing it. So, don’t forget to renew your CPR certification after every 2 years.

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