New Year’s Resolution -

New Year’s Resolution

At the end of every year, people make an agreement with themselves or their friends and loved ones. First, he and she look in the mirror and stares at their appearance. What do they see? Well, it is obviously someone who does not fit the description that they want to be. I mean, look at the television, movies, and magazines. Those people (men and women) are gorgeous. What does it take to look like that?

The truth is that most people know what it will take to have a fabulous appearance with just the right curves, with less facial wrinkles and ironed out flabs in their arms; and what about that belly? Oh! That belly! You know, the one that some people refer to as “beer gut, spare tire, overlapping adipose tissue, and a built in life-savor floatation device.” Yeah! We all know how those people previously mentioned came to look so fabulous, and it doesn’t take a lot of money. What it takes is simply keeping a promise that you made to yourself, your friends and family. That promise entails will-power and determination along with taking control of your body and mind.

Oh, let’s not forget about that butt! Along time ago, my Grandmother saw me eating while standing. She said that I need to sit down so that food can go to my butt instead of my feet. As a small child, I believed her because I wanted to have a nice firm round butt. So every time I had breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I sat down. Over the years, I kept track of the growing process of my butt, and to my surprise; my butt just got flatter, and my feet got bigger. Is that because of the way I was eating or the type of food that I was eating, along with the presence or absence of a regular exercise routine?The truth is that our destination towards a gorgeous body is determined by our ability to convince our minds to work on it, on a regular basis. Grandma cares about us, but we have to convince our minds to follow through on what we believe. What happens when we don’t follow through on the promises that we make? Well, here are a few facts that have been proven over the years and are still being proven today.

If you look at 35-45 percent of the populous of any city, state, or country, you will see people walking, talking, supporting their favorite sports team, and going to church. They are big and heavy. With each step comes a small drop of sweat and an increase in respiration due to an increase in heart rate. What we are witnessing are the unhealthy people who want to be healthy but simply fails to keep a promise they made at the beginning of the year.

The reason most of these people are unable to keep that promise is that the motivation that caused them to make that promise slowly dissolved and over a brief period, the promise is forgotten. Truly, these people are sincere and want to make their goals and dreams of having a fabulous body come true. Perhaps a little help is needed from their family and friends.

When we make an agreement of losing weight and want to keep up with it, the first thing that has to be done is to break that invisible barrier that stands in front of us. What is that barrier? Well, that barrier is a door that prevents you from stepping outside the home and entering the gym. So we want to avoid heart attacks, diabetes, and other sicknesses that will place us in the hospital.

There is also a “noid” or an invisible little person who speaks to you when you are hungry. You are accustomed to those fatty, greasy, and full of bad cholesterol food because it tastes so good. That “noid” convinces you to go for it. And you do. That is the first step or battle that you have lost. How can we avoid this “noid?” Well, we have to push it out of the way.

With the help of our family and friends, we can open the door and enter the gym and get 20 minutes of cardio three times a week. We can even lift a few weights. But starting off light will lead the way to victory. As time goes on, we increase the cardio and the weights, but what about the food?

Our family and friends can help with eating the right food, staying away from fatty substances, such as beer and other alcoholic beverages, sweets, and sugary drinks. The best way to lose weight is to drink water, eat healthy,rest, and get plenty of exercise. Can you do this? I believe you can.

We all have the will-power to achieve the dreams that we dream, to have the body that we want, and to be the person whom we want to be. Today happens to be the tenth day of a new year, and like every year, a resolution is made. Did you make one?

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