Get Rid of the Grease and Eat Right! -

Get Rid of the Grease and Eat Right!

When someone refers to grease, he or she could be talking about hair grease, lube and oil grease from automobiles, or the grease we use to make our food in the frying pan. For this discussion, I am referring to the grease we use to make our food. Now, in respect to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), I will not be naming the type of grease we use to fry chicken, shrimp, pork chops, or anything else that we consume. What I will say though is that the grease we use tends to park its growing microscopic physique on the walls of our arteries.

Some might ask, how would grease park its physique on the inside of our arteries? Well, it’s quite simple. Deep-fried is one example. I mean the food is soaked, smothered and submerged in grease. Is it good? Some may say absolutely! However, good tasting food is not always an indication of good nutrition. Yes, we eat it! The process is called mastication, and with each chew, we squeeze the grease out and swallow it. Our intestines digest the entire content of that greasy food, and just like we would share a piece of bread with our children and family, our intestines share the grease with the rest of our bodies, including our arteries. So, what’s the issue here?

Of course, we as human beings must eat food to survive. If we don’t, our bodies will let us know by first given us a headache, maybe a stomach ache, dropping our blood pressure, dropping our weight, and of course stopping our heartbeat. Surely, the same thing will happen if we eat greasy food. Hence the term “you’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t.” Well, what are the alternatives? After all, from what we all know, we must eat to survive.

Yes indeed, we must eat to survive. However, the alternative is simple. Find foods that are low in cholesterol, low in fat, and have the right nutrition that will allow our bodies to grow and be strong. The types of food that I am referring to are fruits, vegetables, and meat that is not fried, but rather baked or grilled. On the other hand, if we all knew what exactly happens to the animals in preparation for their demise just to be placed on the kitchen table, most of us probably won’t eat meat at all. But since that is not the case where we don’t see the preparation of these poor animals, eating deep-fried meat remains a human pastime which is not going to change soon. Now, let us examine the after effects of consuming greasy deep-fried food.

As you all know, our bodies are a complex form of human machinery that only the most advanced level of supernatural entities can create. For some, these, or this supernatural entity is God. After all, who else can put together a perfectly organized intelligent life form where the functions inside our body depend on what we do outside our body. Who is God? Come on! You know. The same guy who started us on this worldly adventure after the planet cooled off.

As this well-organized intelligent life form progresses through the days, the food that we eat determines how fast or how slow it would take us to reach our terminating end. What reaching our terminating end means is that we are going to get old, but for some of us getting old is just an idea. Now, why is it an idea? Well, because the deep-fried food that is approved by the FDA settles within our arteries and causes them to get hard when they are supposed to be elastic, it decreases the flow of blood because space has become narrow. Ultimately, this process sets off a systemic chain of events, such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, peripheral vascular disease, and termination of life before we get old. Of course, a whole lot of other medical problems can occur. So, for those of us who want to reach old age and enjoy our grandchildren, and even our great-grandchildren, eating nutritious food turns out to be a good thing.

I can’t speak for everyone because everybody else in this world has their little taste of what he and she want to eat. What I will say is that the food choices you make where some of it is loaded with grease can cause a world of problems. When we look at ourselves in the great scheme of things, we can compare our complex bodies to a world or planet. Therefore, the things that we do to destroy the world is in comparison to the things that we do to destroy our bodies. Get rid of the smog and clear the air. Get rid of the grease and eat right. At least it’s a start.

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