Northeast blizzard 2015 Warning and Precautions -

Northeast blizzard 2015 Warning and Precautions

Several US states including New York, Maine, New Jersey brace for the worst ever blizzard. New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio has issued a list of precautions before the storm arrives while according to the National Weather Service the blizzard is set to extend across the Northeast as the most historic, severe and life-threatening.

Here are some preventative measures, you can take to keep yourself safe:

  1. Avoid travelling into or out of the affected region.
  2. In case of power shutdown, turn off all electrical appliances that can turn on automatically once the power is restored.
  3. Avoid going near to any downed electrical wires. All downed wires should be treated as live. It is extremely dangerous to touch them or move them with any kind of object. It is also important to note that these downed wires can be covered with leaves, snow or water.
  4. Do not panic if a power wire falls on your car while you are in. Stay calm and wait for the help from emergency personnel.
  5. Make sure all your torches, emergency flashlights and battery operated televisions and radios are geared up. It is highly recommended to keep a good supply of extra batteries since the news and weather updates can be received mostly through local radio stations and television. Keeping your notebook fully charged with extra batteries is also advised.
  6. Generators can provide power supply; however, are prone to fire hazards. Therefore, it is important to disconnect properly from your utility before connecting to a generator.
  7. It is extremely important that your car has all necessary emergency supplies in it, that includes flares, shovel, sand, booster cables, ice scraper, rope, flashlight, radio, some warm clothes and a blanket.

CPR Headquarters hopes everyone remains safe and indoors.

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new york imagery by Vincent Laforet published at Guardian 

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