Park County Detention Deputies Save an Inmate’s Life by Performing CPR -

Park County Detention Deputies Save an Inmate’s Life by Performing CPR

Emergencies never come with a warning. However, acquaintance with CPR can be effective in saving someone’s life in emergency situations. This is how two sheriffs save the life of an inmate in the Park County Detention Facility, Wyoming.

It was around 10:00 p.m. on January 17th, 2015 when Deputy Rob Cooke and Sgt. Joe Colegrove were informed by the inmates that a fellow inmate had gone into a cardiac arrest.

The victim was a 51 year old man from Missoula named Roy Epperle. Upon their arrival, the two officers found Epperle lying unconscious on a chair. Without wasting any time, Deputy Rob Cooke and Sgt. Joe Colegrove placed Epperle on the ground and hold his head with a blanket. The inmate’s face was turning purple and was completely unresponsive. The officers checked him many times but were not able to locate a pulse. And then, Epperle suddenly took a long breath and entirely stopped breathing.

Deputy Rob Cooke called for an ambulance straight away from West Park Hospital at the same time as Sgt. Joe Colegrove started performing CPR on the victim. Epperle started breathing just after thirty compressions and regained consciousness as well. After sometime, he was even able to answer the questions asked by the deputies. Meanwhile, supplemental first aid treatments including blood pressure, pulse and oxygen level monitoring was also started by the deputies. With the arrival of the ambulance, Epperle was shifted to West Park Hospital and later to St. Vincent Hospital in Billings for a pacemaker implant surgery.

The bold and timely actions of the staff was highly praised by Sheriff Scott Steward, “Detention deputies take great pride in their responsibilities which include the care and well-being of the inmates, I can’t say enough about their response in this situation. Their quick thinking and immediate actions no doubt saved the life of an inmate under their care.”

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