Pediatric CPR and First Aid Certification Course -

Bonus: Also includes information on First aid


CPR and first aid training, whether adult or pediatric,is important for both professionals and regular individuals. The training program will assist you to stay prepared and handle any kind of medical and life-threatening situation effectively.

The course is ideal for –

  • Healthcare providers
  • Workplace responders
  • Students
  • Childcare providers
  • Others

The course will teach and train you to respond positivity to cardiac and breathing emergencies, sudden illnesses and injuries until the situation is taken over by advanced medical personnel.

These certification courses and programs are usually of 2-year duration. But if you opt for online programs, you can complete them within a short span of time.

Pediatric and Adult CPR First Aid Course Overview

  • Adult & pediatric CPR/AED/first aid – You will learn the techniques of recognizing, preventing, as well as, providing basic care for cardiac care and breathing in infants, children and adults, until and unless medical help arrives.
  • Pediatric CPR/AED/first aid –Learning how to prevent, recognize and administer cardiac and breathing care in children and infants, until and unless professional assistance arrives.
  • Adult CPR/AED/first aid – You will learn how to prevent, recognize and provide cardiac and breathing care to adults, prior to the arrival of medical assistance.

Content of the course –

  1. Obstructed airway as per current American Heart Association or American Red Cross guidelines. This part of the course is interactive. It will be an audio and visual training process and a combination of texts, voice over, realistic photographs, animations etc. All these materials are designed to provide proper instructions to students and enable them to learn the right ways for assisting adults, infants or children who are choking.
  2. Pediatric CPR training as per American Red Cross or American Heart Association guidelines. This part of the course is just like the above mentioned part, but the skills are implementable on infants and children requiring Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR.
  3. Physiology and anatomy is another part of the course, whereby you will get trained and educated in the CAB or circulation, airway and breathing technique of CPR and learn from different graphics and animation about CPR’s different clinical concepts.
  4. The next part of the training program is pediatric CPR testing, which will help you understand that via simulation of emergencies that need CPR on infant or children, you can perform a perfect sequence of CPR.
  5. First aid practice and testing might be the concluding part of a pediatric and adult CPR first aid training program. This part of the course is inclusive of audio and visual instructions, texts, voice over etc. through which, you will learn about the basics of CPR and first aid. It is inclusive of breathing and airway emergencies, environmental emergencies, cardiovascular emergencies, minor and major trauma, shock, bleeding, burns, etc. coupled with interactive demonstrations.

The online courses are mostly available for duration of 30 minutes for each part. At the end of the day, you will acquire both knowledge and skills and receive a certification in pediatric and adult CPR first aid.


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