Life Support Training Institute Review and Ratings

Life Support Training Institute
Life Support Training Institute
25400 West Eight Mile Road Southfield, Michigan 48033 866-367-5784
Website First Aid, CPR, AED, BLS, ACLS Classroom/Online

The Life Support Training Institute offers First Aid, CPR, AED, BLS, ACLS training classes in Southfield, Michigan. All courses are taught by professional instructors as per the standards of the American Heart Association. Online course renewal option is also available.


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    July 16, 2015 18:52 Reply

    PLEASE READ IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING LSTI!!!! I had no reviews and therefore no warning…I hope this can help someone. I chose this solely because I work and go to school full time and it was one day a week…still not worth it and I ended up wasting more time than I saved. You will start class at least a half hour late every week, your instructor will cancel class a half hour into it after you drive 45+ minutes to be there because he doesn’t feel good OR will send you home hours early to leave for his other job!!! You will be given weeks worth of quizzes with information you were never taught and they will all be due the next week since your instructor forgot to give you them up until then. The cherry on top is scheduling your clinical rotations in the hospital and ambulance…after you pass the class/final and turn in your clinical request dates you and your classmates will try to get in touch with your teacher, his boss and finally the DIRECTOR. None of them will get back to you for WEEKS. Call, email, text, you name it- they don’t care! So now the dates you asked for have passed and everything’s up in the air…You’ll be given no explanation as to why your class end date is now nearly a month past and you still haven’t even SCHEDULED your rotations. When you finally get a hold of the director to address your concerns, he’ll turn it back on you and act like he’s never heard any of this or that YOU misplaced something. Most unprofessional place I’ve ever encountered.

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