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Utah Academy of Emergency Medicine
Utah Academy of Emergency Medicine
138 E. 12300 S. Draper, Utah 84020 801-571-1998
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Utah Academy of Emergency Medicine offers CPR and First Aid training classes at the Academy located in Draper, Utah after every two weeks. Alternate classes are scheduled on Friday 6 p.m. and Saturday 1 p.m. The courses are available pre-pay only. Registrations can be done online. Moreover, on-site training classes for CPR and First Aid can also be arranged.


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    February 15, 2016 21:16 Reply

    No one showed up to teach the class and now no one will get back to us about the money we had to pay up front for the class!!
    My husband and I were scheduled to take a CPR/First Aid class through here on Saturday, a wk and a half ago. The Wednesday prior I had text the directors cell # asking if they still had openings for the class their website listed for that coming Saturday. (The directors cell # is listed on the web site along with a school # that goes to a voicemail for him). He responded immediately that there were still openings for that Saturday and told me how to register online for it. I registered and we were required to pay for the class up front through PayPal.
    On Saturday we show up, along with 6-7 other people, and no one showed up to teach the class. One of the other women waiting said she had just text the director the night before at 9:30 pm to confirm there were still openings if she register and he had assured her the class was still open and to go ahead and register.
    We all had our cell phones with and I think everyone of us called and/or text the director while we stood there to no response. We all waited a full 30 mins and then left as no one came to open the doors or teach us.
    It has now been a wk and a half. Neither my husband or I have heard anything from the school/director. We have both text and called the director and left multiple messages. We have been polite and friendly and still have heard nothing back.
    We paid for this class. There is zero excuse to ignore communications with the people who registered AND PAID for a service that failed to be provided a wk and a half later.
    I will update this if I ever hear anything back, but at this pt I am finding it unbelievable that this company not only failed to have their instructor show up but has also taken our money with, what appears to be, no intent of making sure we get it back or even talking to us at all about it (that is stealing!).
    I just keep going back to the question of what kind of director/company doesn’t respond to the people they had pay for a class and then never showed up to teach? I would imagine the instructor simply didn’t show, which happens, but to then choose to ignore the issue and to refuse to contact or respond to us to make it right is simply unacceptable and is not the signs of an ethical company.

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      July 21, 2016 23:43 Reply

      Thank you for leaving your message. I have been trying to schedule with this company and must have my certification without fail. It’s a must and I cannot have a scenario like what happened to you. I am sorry for your problem but grateful you shared. So I can stay far away from this company.
      I found another and scheduled with them. And they are pay on site at time of class. They take cash, card or check.
      If you still need a class Try contacting UEMTC

      Utah Emergency Medical Training Council
      5248 Pinemont Drive, Suite 206
      Murray, Utah 84123
      Website: UEMTC.Org
      CPR, AED, BLS, First Aid, ACLS, PALS

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