PulsePoint Mobile Phone App to Save Heart Failure Victims through CPR -

PulsePoint Mobile Phone App to Save Heart Failure Victims through CPR

In the world of smart phones, most of us spend our time using different mobile phone apps. But what could be better than using a mobile phone app that can even save your life.

The Dane County EMS and City of Madison Fire Department in collaboration with Meriter – UnityPoint Health have launched a mobile app called “PulsePoint” that can help you fight against heart failure in an emergency situation.

According to Dr. Joseph Bellissimo, Cardiologist at Meriter – UnityPoint Health, “Effective CPR given right after sudden cardiac arrest can significantly increase a victim’s chance of survival. We are thrilled that we are part of the team that’s bringing PulsePoint to our community.”

Dane County Executive, Joe Parsi told The Waunakee Tribune, “PulsePoint is the result of the hard work and collaboration of a number of organizations in Dane County. We know that people in our community are willing to help and this program connects them directly to those who need it most.”

The PulsePoint mobile app is connected with the Dane County 911 Center and whenever someone goes into a sudden cardiac arrest in any public place in the surrounding area, the CPR trained bystanders immediately get alerts. These CPR trained bystanders then find the victim as soon as possible and start performing CPR until the arrival of the EMS. Moreover, this app also provide complete instructions for finding and using AEDs located in close proximity.

The PulsePoint mobile app is a lifesaving application and can be used by anyone trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.


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