Responsibilities of a First Aider

What it is like to be a first aider?

The information you will find on this website and many others is of course not quite like how it happens in reality. Most people, even ones who are trained feel apprehensive when dealing with a real situation. By dealing with these feelings, we can better respond to critical situations. 

What’s your responsibility?

First aid is not science. Even with the right treatment and training, a casualty may not respond. Some causalities may die, even with the best medical care. If you do your best, you should try to be and feel fine.

What’s “Good Samaritan”

This principle supports those acting in an emergency. If you keep calm and follow the accepted best practices of first aid, you do not need to fear of any legal consequences.

How to Protect the Casualty

To avoid  any infection when giving first aid, if possible you should:

  • Avoid direct contact with body fluids (blood, urine, semen etc) where possible;
  • Wash your hands with an anti bacterial sanitizer
  • Wear protective gloves

What to do? Your course of Action

  • Evaluate the situation and call for professional help.
  • Help casualties at the scene from further danger
  • Always treat the most serious ones first
  • Stay with the casualty until help arrives
  • Help professionals by providing them your detailed account of the situation

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