Saving a Life without Discrimination -

Saving a Life without Discrimination

It appears that occupying the planet Earth has become a challenge of respect, disrespect, and blatant disregard of the human race. The human race consists of people of all generations, genders, nationalities, sexual orientations, and races. Yet, in every corner of the world, someone is treated awkwardly, violently, or ignored because of who they are. It should be known and recognized that when people are born in this world, he and she did not choose who, what sex, or what race they will turn out to be. Therefore, equality must take precedence, especially when it comes to saving lives from cardiac arrest, trauma, or some other medical condition that stops their heart from beating.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is a skill created in 1958. It extends the life of a person suffering from cardiac arrest. It was not created as a specific rescue tool for a particular race. Since everybody’s heart is typically in the same area, the outcome of CPR is generally a successful one. The technique should not be withheld but started immediately and used in conjunction with an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). To take it further, CPR with an AED combined with first aid is a trilogy of success.

First aid is a skill used by good people to stop uncontrolled bleeding, splint a broken limb, cool someone who is extremely hot in the heat, recognizes when someone needs help, and relieve discomfort. The skill is taught in conjunction with the Heartsavor CPR/AED class and is extremely useful when camping or during gatherings that sometimes become unlawful. These gatherings, as of late, are related to racial unrest that is occurring around the world. Some people are selecting other people who are injured to help them based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or nationality.

We, as people of this magnificent planet, have the opportunity to take ourselves into the next century, where equality is not just a word but a meaning that extends the handshake of friendship to everyone. Also, we must teach our children to respect each other, regardless of theirage, sex, or gender. Even childrencan learn complex subjects, especially when it comes to math. With CPR, AED, and first aid, the math has been simplified to the point of simplicity.

The opportunity is there for us to teach our children about the human body, what it can do, its vulnerabilities, and its simplicities. The time that it takes for parents, cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents, and friends to educate our children on the art of saving a life by simply pushing on the chest or calling for help is in the form of simple fractions. However, we must take control of our actions to make a difference in someone else’s life.

The American Heart Association (AHA) has completed numerous researches about cardiac arrest, strokes, and recognizing the signs of both. All around the world are locations to gain this valuable information and put it to good use because time is precious where every second count. There is no time for second thoughts or wondering what to do. Action must be taken immediately to reverse the process of death. So, calm down from this madness of violence and move forward with life.

Here is a simple and memorable statement. When we are born, we are dying. That is the normal process of life. However, we are guaranteed (with a healthy choice of living) at least seventy years, and along the way, we may run into some hiccups. Those hiccups include cardiac arrest, strokes, and accidents. Therefore, knowing what to do is paramount! Besides, when you save a persons’ life, you will get a feeling of unbelievable joy and satisfaction that you took the right steps and gain that knowledge from a certified instructor. It doesn’t take a long time. It only takes two to three hours, depending on a new class or a renewal. Also, hands-only CPR is learned and practiced which takes away less than an hour of your time. It is completely worth it!

Stop arguing! Stop the violence! Stop the disrespect of another human life and take the initiative to get along and save a life. The future is mine and yours. We can only get to it by working together and staying healthy.

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