Sickness and Mental Dysfunction: When it Rains, it Pours -

Sickness and Mental Dysfunction: When it Rains, it Pours

Just like the rain that falls, one drop after the other, sickness, evil and destruction does the same thing. It’s not because we don’t live in some parts of the world of peace and tranquility, it’s because some people tend to lean towards destruction than constructive productivity. I am referring to all nationalities of people who live here in the United States and abroad.

Sickness is a disease that is controlled by medication and time. On the other hand, some sickness cannot be cured and we end up losing our lives. However, if we know how to handle certain types of sickness, we can make a difference in whether we live or die. After all, it only takes a little commitment in studying first aid. With destructive behavior, some psychologist relates that to the way that children are raised.

When children are raised in a home where there is no respect for themselves or others, and the parents are on drugs or alcohol and disregarding the attention that is needed from them, a certain degree of mental dysfunction occurs. This dysfunction turns out to be a disease that goes untreated and gets to the point of no return when violent crimes are committed. These children are not born as murderers, robbers, or bully’s, they are born beautiful, innocent and without sin. What takes them over the edge is not only the parents who are absent both physically and emotionally, but the activities of the world that leaves their questions unanswered.

As children grow and mature, they have endless questions about the world around them. The world offers countless opportunities and visions that need to be explained. Some of these opportunities and visions include simple things like rain, snow, cold, heat, sunlight and night. These are the simple questions that can be answered by caring parents, relatives or friends who take the time and read to their children. Some even make up stories that depict actual events of the world around them. But, what about the things that are complexed?

Television, movie theaters, radio, news media, schoolmates, and people in the neighborhood provide opportunities to our children as well. These opportunities may show violence by killing people and animals, beatings that indicate a feeling a fulfillment, stealing, burglary, running away, sexual crimes or pornography Children see these activities and develop questions about them. If there are no parents present to answer those questions, a percentage of those children become what they see. They develop their own interpretation and determine that whatever it is must be right and accepted in society.

As these children grow up, they began to understand what is right and what is wrong. However, for some, it is too late and that feeling of fulfillment overwhelms that feeling of guilt. These children become adults with a heartless, cold-blooded look at life. This mental dysfunction becomes uncontrollable and fearless. The threat of incarceration falls short in their eyes, and the screams of the person that he and she are hurting feeds the hate and anguish that circulates around their cerebral cortex. One major factor for these children who become adults is their socioeconomic status in a community.

Socioeconomic status in a community affects human function where physical and intellectual health is ignored because daily activities are flawed and access to resources are unreachable. Typically, the exposure to violence is magnified and frustration becomes a natural part of life. The flawed circle of life will continue until major efforts are taken to change the way that children are raised, taught, and that their questions are answered by caring parents. If children are taught appropriately and all of their questions are answered, society would be more productive, more useful inventions would be created, children grow to become doctors, nurses, astronauts, scientist, teachers, lawyers, judges, and so many valuable personalities that will move this world into the next millennium. However, as it stands today, there seems to be an endless number of children who are abandoned, ignored and forced to discover the world alone.

If we as parents allow our children to discover the world alone, a flawed interpretation could lead them into disaster. The bad rain of evil will prevail and become intensified every year. The needs and curiosity of children must not be ignored. They are asking for help to grow up to become a viable part of society. Imagine where we would be today, if we prevent the rain from pouring and prevent a mental dysfunction that grows in children who are forgotten, disrespected and ignored.

Bad behavior is like rain. When it rains, it pours. Let’s join together to stop it by simple means of communication with children who are filled with curiosity.

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