Streamwood Teenager Becomes a Hero by Saving a Girl through CPR -

Streamwood Teenager Becomes a Hero by Saving a Girl through CPR

Another teenager turned into a hero by saving a girl’s life by performing CPR. The 16-year old teenager from Streamwood, Andrew Wilson had never imagined that he could ever use this life saving technique in real life.

Wilson told CBS Chicago, “I was surprised that what I was doing was working because I never did it in real life.”

Being a member of the youth explorer program, Wilson attended the CPR certification classes with the Elgin Police which helped him in saving a precious life.

It was IHSA’s annual chess tournament in Peoria on Friday 13th February, 2015 where Wilson was present along with his other teammates. They heard some strange noise coming from the pool area.

According to Wilson, “We were eating dinner in the lobby of the hotel and we heard a bunch of screaming coming from the pool.”

When Wilson rushed towards the Spring Hill Suites Hotel pool area, he found an unconscious 7-year old girl who had gone into cardiac arrest. Her grandfather was pleading for help.

Wilson, who was trained in CPR, started performing chest compressions on the little girl. After almost forty chest compressions, the young girl started breathing again. Wilson called his father Elgin Police officer Greg Wilson.

Greg Wilson told CBS Chicago, “I was very proud and was just trying to reassure him that what he did was awesome and great and it worked out.”

Wilson was also praised by Elgin Police Chief Jeff Swoboda who told CBS Chicago, “Wilson’s actions show that despite their youth, members of the police explorer program are real leaders.”

Andrew Wilson is extremely glad to save a precious life and is planning to choose a career in law enforcement just like his father.

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