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Student Samaritan Initiative

Our regular expert contributor Christian Ventura is the proud founder of High School Association of Medical Engineers & Scientists, Inc. Hames is currently promoting a campaign Student Samaritan Initiative  in New Jersey that would allow legislation to enact stricter policies regarding CPR in schools.  The campaign aims to accomplish the following objectives

The Student Samaritan Initiative Project has two incentives:
  1. Dispatch our certified Instructors to at least one school in every county in New Jersey, and promote free hands-only CPR & AED training
  2. Petition the State of New Jersey to make an amendment to the Assembly Bill A2027 regarding the enforcement of CPR training in schools.

CPR Headquarters supports this initiative and we recommend everyone to volunteer, especially if you are in New Jersey.

  1. Sign the petition at
  2. High schools and institutions, apply your school for free training here

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