Syracuse Police Officers Save a 39-Year Old Unconscious Man by Performing CPR -

Syracuse Police Officers Save a 39-Year Old Unconscious Man by Performing CPR

Working as a police officer is mostly considered one of the most adventurous and daring job since this profession demands encounters with different types of incidents on a daily basis. This is what happened with two of the youngest police officers in the department; Officer Timothy Martins and Officer Matthew Malinowski who performed CPR on a lifeless and unconscious man on 29th January, 2015 and revived him before the arrival of the medical staff.

It was 3:10 p.m. when the two officers were patrolling in a marked car together on the north side of the city. While at the Hiawatha Boulevard and North Salina Street intersection, they received a call on their radios for an unconscious and non-breathing person at the Regional Market Diner on Park Street which was just two blocks away.

According to Officer Malinowski, “We already had a plan in place even with the few seconds it took us to get there.”

Before reaching the diner, Officer Malinowski and Officer Martins just exchanged a few words and decided that Malinowski would begin compressions, in the meantime as Martins would get the facial breathing mask.

On their arrival, they found an unconscious man, who was later identified as Craig Dickens, a 39-year old man from Oswego. This person was lying on his back on the ground in the parking area as he was pulled out by his friend from the vehicle. Dickens was completely unresponsive and his skin had turned into purple.

Malinowski explained, “I thought that he either had been dead for a while or had died on us.”

However, as decided Malinowski started with chest compressions and Martins grabbed the facial breathing mask. The two 26-year old young police officers began taking turns with compressions and breaths. And after a few minutes, the officers were surprised to hear a very dim panting sound.

Despite the fact that the ambulance and the fire department had not arrived yet, the officers stopped the compressions and also took off the facial breathing mask.  They saw some improvements in the person but he was still unconscious.

According to Malinowski, “Then you could actually see he was making efforts to breathe on his own.”

Thus, with the arrival of the ambulance, Dickens was promptly shifted to the Upstate University Hospital and was released after the treatment.

Officer Timothy Martins and Officer Matthew Malinowski were not trained in any kind of medical training except the first-responder training provided at the police academy as well as a few periodic refresher courses taken as prerequisites.

Thus, Malinowski gladly stated that, “With the training we get … it just all comes back to you when that scene gets there.”

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