Take 10: A New Approach for Bystander CPR -

Take 10: A New Approach for Bystander CPR

A new initiative is taken by Take Heart Austin for changing the way CPR is performed by bystanders.

Take 10 is part of a project for sudden cardiac arrest survival known as Take Heart Austin. This initiative brings a new approach for performing bystander CPR. The team leader for Take Heart Austin is the Travis County Medical Director, Dr. Paul Hinchey. Moreover, Louis Gonzales is working as the Program Manager for this program.

“Take 10 minutes to learn compression only CPR. It is a community-based and peer taught CPR training that is simple, fast and free.”

Take 10 can be defined as a three-step, ten minute, hands-on training for preparing individuals for performing chest compressions on a cardiac arrest victim at the time of emergency. This program is entirely free of cost. The three steps include:

1) Checking for signs of life in the victim i.e. normal breathing or responsiveness

2) Calling 911 for help

3) Performing hard and fast chest compressions in the center of the chest till the arrival of the paramedics

Take Heart Austin is basically an attempt by the community to improve the survival rates of cardiac arrest victims. This program includes ambulance equipment, training and specialized approach for 911 responders and hospitals to raise the rates of bystander CPR.



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