Third Grader Honored for Saving her Father's Life by Performing CPR -

Third Grader Honored for Saving her Father’s Life by Performing CPR

They say children as young as nine years can save a victim by performing CPR, but this very young 8-year old girl Danci Underwood amazed one and all by saving her father Dave Underwood who got a cardiac arrest in April, 2014.

On January 23rd, Danci was honored during her school assembly at Rose Hill Elementary School in Kirkland for saving her dad. The 911 dispatcher Lallas also attended the assembly along with the first responders who received the call. Moreover, later this year, Danci will also be honored with the Red Cross Hero Award in the youth division.

The incident took place in April 2014, when one day Danci Underwood was at her Redmond home with her younger sister and father. Dave was sleeping on the couch; however, when Danci tried to awake him, he did not respond. The little girl ran to the neighbors for help but couldn’t find anyone at home. She also tried to call her mom, but she didn’t answer the call. And then the third-grader recalled something taught by her mother once.

 “She told me if there’s an emergency, call 911, I told (the dispatcher) that something’s wrong with my dad, ‘Can you please help me?’”

The NORCOM 911 dispatcher, Margaux Lallas gave Danci several instructions. Lallas asked the young girl to look for some mail posts in the house in order to get the address for sending the first responders. She also instructed her to open the front doors for the first responders to get in. Then she started giving her step by step instructions to carry out hands-only CPR on Dave Underwood until the arrival of the first responders. She did  chest compressions and counted up to 135.

According to Lallas, Danci followed her instructions completely and correctly.

“She did everything right, She was as calm as can be.”

Danci’s mother was at work when she received the call from the Police that there is some kind of emergency at her home. When she came to know that Danci saved her dad by remembering her instructions to call 911, she felt very proud of her daughter.

The 911 dispatcher Margaux Lallas said, “It was an emotional call for me,” and when she met Danci she told her that, “You’re probably the best 911 call I’ve ever had. Can you believe that?”

According to her majority of children as well as adults get distracted and panicky when asked to perform CPR; however, Danci acted sensibly. Danci also thanked Lallas and the team of first responders.

Dave Underwood only spent a day at EvergreenHealth in Kirkland after this incident and is very proud of his daughter and is extremely grateful to Lallas and the first responders.

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