Tips for a Healthy and Safe Holiday Season -

Tips for a Healthy and Safe Holiday Season

Holiday time is quickly approaching and we sometimes get wrapped up in family and fun and do not realize we need to take precautions to help protect ourselves and loved ones.  There are just a few things we do not realize we can do to make us safer and more comfortable in the long run in the event there are complications.

With fall upon us and winter on the way we are getting into the holiday season where we will be traveling and a few things you might want to consider packing in the vehicle is an emergency kit (this can be a duffle bag you can take in and out of the car).  In your emergency kit you should have items such as a flashlight with extra batteries, some gloves both non-latex in the event first aid is needed, and thick gloves in the event you need to change a flat tire, bottled water in the event you assist in first aid on the roadside for an accident or for yourself to wash off as well as drink if stranded in icy/snowy conditions, first aid kit for events there is an accident, phone charger in the event you need to charge your phone due to traffic stopped in the event of an accident, if you have children that travel with you plenty of clothing and a blanket or two in the event you are the one involved in an accident – this will keep the children warm in the event the vehicle is not able to stay running with the heat on, non-electronic toys / books for the children for the same reason listed previously and prepackaged snacks for all the above mentioned reasons.  The items may seem trivial but in the event you are stranded on the road for any length of time, these items can be a huge comfort to yourself and your family in the event of a delay that may potential last a couple of hours.

One other important supply you can put in your vehicle is an individual who is trained in First Aid and CPR.  With hundreds of thousands of people traveling all over the world during the holiday, it also tends to be a time of year when there is an increase in accidents and sicknesses and you are the only one nearby that is able to assist until advanced medical personnel arrive.  Many people do not realize that what might seem like a minor fender bender could be a traumatic event for the individual involved and simply talking to someone may be the best first aid you can offer those victims.  Traumatic events lead to shock and shock is one thing that is treated at nearly every accident no matter how major or minor it may be.  Please take time to find your local CPR/First Aid instructors and make a family affair of it and get the entire family trained this holiday season.  Benefits of the knowledge outweigh the risk and you will be glad you did.  Some states have an age limit to certifying youth so check with the instructor to see what those stipulations are – even though certification may not be an option for the younger members of your family, they are still able to learn at young ages related to health and safety.  I personally trained a family of five that ranged from age nine to 75 – Grandmother all the way down to grandchild and the class was marvelous and they had a great experience learning as a family – the nine year old did not receive a certification card but instead a certificate of attendance so they felt like they were part of the learning group.

Enjoy the beginning of your holiday season and as always be prepared.

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