Top Myths about CPR Training -

Top Myths about CPR Training

More than twelve million individuals get trained in CPR by the American Heart Association each year only, yet myths and misconceptions about CPR are prevalent.

Through this blog post, we aim to debunk a few and most common ones:

1) CPR is Easy; I saw it on the Television!

Watching the famous TV Show House and considering yourself the genius Dr. Gregory House or spending time in front of the television with Gray Anatomy’s cast will not make you learn CPR; trust me. Without proper CPR training, you would most likely be unable to save the victim’s life. CPR needs to be learned under the supervision of a qualified trainer.

2) I will get Sued if I make a Mistake in Performing CPR

To date no lawsuits have been filed against any bystander rescuer or healthcare provider not succeeding in saving the life of the victim through cardiopulmonary resuscitation. More to the point, the legal system of the United States of America offers Good Samaritan protection all over the country letting off anyone who provides emergency treatment through CPR in an attempt to save an individual’s life. This takes account of bystander rescuers as well as healthcare providers.

3) Performing CPR puts you at risk

Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation is one of the major reasons bystanders avoid administering CPR on a stranger. New CPR guidelines recommend hands-only CPR.

4) CPR Causes more Harms than Goods

This is debatable. Victims who are provided CPR sometimes loose brain function partially or fully. Some patients even opt-out of CPR. Read more about DNR 

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