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Top 10 CPR Breathing Barriers / CPR Masks

Breathing barriers are an important PPE (personal protective equipment) that is utilized by most anyone who performs CPR on an individual.  The question is, which is the best one to use?  I found that training CPR, I like showing different types of barriers that are available and did not realize that many people had an opinion on what they liked and did not like.  So, I did a search on top CPR breathing barriers and the top searches by are as follows.

#10 Primacare RS-8632-CS CPR Shield/Barrier (Pack of 10)  

Personally this one is one of my least favorites because it is the flimsy film to put over a patients face, but it has a valve that goes in the mouth that I am not a fan of.  I feel like people get too aggressive and potentially break off a patients teeth.

#9 LINE2design CPR EMS Medical Rescue Mask Adult Resuscitator hard case with writ strap and O2 port

This is perfect for nurses and medical students who do not want to spend a lot on buying the equipment but surely need one.

#8 WNL Products CPR practi-VALVE Club pack

These are purchased a lot for replacement valves that go on top of the hard plastic rescue masks that are listed nearly all of the top 10. – these are not to be used alone, you have to have the mask part too.

#7 AMBU 000 252 Red PVC CPR Res-Cue Adult and Infant Face Mask

This one is great, it offers 2 masks to use on patients from infancy to adulthood.

#6 MCR Medical Supply MCRTM-A PVC Training CPR Pocket Resuscitator Face Mask with valves

These are great for training and great for handing them out to put inside different first aid kits.  There are 10 to the pack but very similar to the pocket masks listed throughout the top 10.

#5 CPR Mask Keychain with Nitrile Gloves

This is an awesome want for yourself.  This is a pouch that is small enough to put on your key chain and have a small plastic flimsy breathing shield and a pair of gloves handy and with you at all times.

#4 CPR Mask (with bonus keychain CPR Mask) first aid face shield with one way breath valve.

This is the best of both worlds.  This encompasses the hard plastic breaking pocket masks and the flimsy key chain barrier to have with you at all times.

#3 ADC Adsafe CPR Mask Pocket Resuscitator Kit.

This find is great and has a had case that houses the pocket mask, gloves, and instructions.

#2 Adult & Pediatric CPR Mask Combo kit with 2 valves, MCR Medical.

This is my ultimate favorite!!!! It is an all encompassing kit much like number 7 but the case is more canvas rather than nylon and it holds up better to outer wear and tear.

#1 MCR Medical CPR Rescue Mask, Adult/child pocket Resuscitator, hard case with wrist strap

Although most purchased, it does not have the infant size mask which most people would not need.

For the hold up and value and ability to help anyone of any age, my pick is #2.  This one has a case that is more convenient and houses two size masks.  It retails for roughly $11.50 on

I hope this list was something you found valuable when making your choice on which breathing barriers you wanted to stock in your first aid kits and keep handy if you had to jump into action and save a life.

Thank you again for reading and #beprepared and find a local CPR/First Aid class and get your training.


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    John Careccia
    March 04, 2019 23:41 Reply

    If you use a pocket mask you only need one mask for adukt, child or infant. From what I can see the 10 pack is the best for instructors.

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