Top Mistakes/ Blunders/ Misconceptions to CPR -

Top Mistakes/ Blunders/ Misconceptions to CPR

According to American Heart Association more than 350,000 people suffer cardiac arrest each year. And  Today says that these are some of the reasons people hesitate or not help someone who is in distress:  

1. Not getting involved: 

2. Not calling 911 for help: 

3. Giving mouth-to-mouth respiration importance over chest compression: 

4. Not knowing what they’re doing: 

5. Forgetting their own safety: 

When I teach my courses, we talk about the ‘WHAT IFS’ people assume other people are going to step up and take care of things, as well as assuming someone else will make the call to 911. People even in training classes, try their best to be perfect on the breaths and that is the least important of the compressions and breaths. Compressions are the most important part to circulate that blood that still contains oxygen to the brain.  People have a “freak out factor” that they are not sure what to do and run in blazing putting their own safety at risk. 

Taking a through class is important because it addresses these issues specifically. 

Once people overcome and they decide they really do want to help there are many things done incorrectly that is not of the best interest of the person needing the help. According to an online article these are the top 4 mistakes people make when performing CPR. 

CPR Mistake 1: Shallow Chest Compressions

CPR Mistake 2: Inadequate recoil of the chest wall

CPR Mistake 3: Long pauses in chest compressions

CPR Mistake 4: Over-inflating the victim’s lungs

While I have been teaching classes for more than 15 years, I have found that people do not push the chest deep enough and they do not push fast enough. American Heart Association emphasizes hard and fast. When you think of a natural heart beat and what we are trying to do in the absence of a heartbeat is get that blood pumping. . . let that chest come up and push hard and fast.

Take a moment and search for a training center, take the class seriously, practice as much as they have you practice in the class.  You will be glad you did if there is ever an occurrence where you are present, and a life is in jeopardy and you are able to help. 

Take class, #beprepared.

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