How to become a Training Partner and start your own First Aid Business? -

How to become a Training Partner and start your own First Aid Business?

For the past sixty years, the Red Cross has been a leader in first aid and injury prevention programs. Each year, millions of people are trained in first aid and CPR, Respect Education, and Swimming and Water Safety through Red Cross Training Partners. 

Red Cross Training Partners have an agreement with the Red Cross to deliver training in their community or to their employees. Training Partners may be small or large businesses, municipal organizations, corporations or other organizations. 

Features of becoming a Red Cross Training Partner

  • Access to professional, high-quality research and program development to ensure you are providing the latest and best training possible.
  • Every Red Cross First Aid course meets CCOHS regulations and are approved by HRSDC, as well as all provincial/territorial worker safety and insurance boards (with the exception of Quebec).
  • Red Cross Swimming, Water Safety and Life guarding programs are based on the latest injury prevention methodology, medical science and comprehensive drowning research trends.
  • Red Cross Respect Education programs are evidence-informed and based on a public health approach with a commitment to ongoing monitoring and updates to stay current with the latest research in the violence prevention field. Respect Education is the only national prevention education program in Canada.
  • The Red Cross Training Partner Website features a variety of marketing tools to help you promote and grow your business.
  • Access to a secure, online registration tool for managing data and information related to your courses, participants, and Instructors.

7 steps to start your own first aid business:

1. Become an Instructor. Take the time to learn the essential skills of first aid and the various methods used when facilitating adult learners. Complete an Instructor Course in the program you want to deliver. Complete a co-teach with a Teaching Experience Supervisor. Once you have become an instructor, you have access to the online portal, teaching aids and the latest Program Standards.

2. Sign up with a Training Partner. As an Instructor you are permitted to teach courses but must be aligned with a Training Partner in order to teach classes. The Training Partner provides all of the materials needed and will book your classes. This is an important learning process as it allows you to develop and master your own teaching style. 

3. Teach a minimum of one year. The Red Cross rarely grants Training Partner status to an individual unless they have experience. It is recommended to teach as often as possible to gain confidence in your skills and working with adult learners.

4. Apply to become a Training Partner. There is an application process and fee for individuals to become a training partner. You may be asked to draft a business plan and provide a resume to support your application. In addition to your experience and credentials, the Red Cross also looks at the number of training partners currently in your area. They try to support their current training partners by not flooding the market. Send all of your documents, business plan, resume and fees to the Red Cross. Follow up to ensure everything is received and you haven’t missed anything.

General Terms and Conditions A

General Terms and Conditions B

5. Approved Application and Insurance. Once approved, you have 10 business days to obtain insurance. The Red Cross provides a list of insurance companies that work regularly with training partners and instructors.

6. Purchase Equipment and Supplies. Once your application is approved and you have proof of insurance, it’s time to purchase your training materials. To make it easier, the Red Cross has a recommended list of what you need to get started. This checklist is extremely useful to ensure you meet all of the teaching requirements and Program Standards.

7. Start your business! Congratulations! You now are ready to start teaching independently and build your own brand in First Aid and CPR, Swimming and Water Safety, or Respect Education programs.  

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