Ultimate Guide to CPR Certifications Online - 7 part series (Free Download) -

For quite some time, I have been working on authoring the Ultimate Guide to CPR Certifications. The guide is unique, fresh and will give both general people and prospective CPR certification holders a one comprehensive resource to learn everything about getting a CPR Certification.

You can download the guide in PDF Format from below or just start reading each section here on the web


Part 1 –  Introduction

Read about what’s in there and what you will learn

Part 2 –  Why Get a CPR Certification
Explore the benefits of getting a CPR Certification

Part 3 –  Who needs a CPR Certification
Find out if you need a CPR Certification

Part 4 –  Types of CPR Certifications
There are so many different types of certifications, which one’s for you? 

Part 5 –  CPR Guidelines by AHA and Red Cross
Learn the latest cpr guidelines by AHA and Red Cross

Part 6 –  Online Certifications vs Classroom Training
The most debated topic in the industry these days

Part 7 –  Renewing your CPR Certifications
Find out how to get your CPR Certification renewed 

Download or view in PDF Here

Download (PDF, 309KB)

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