Why is this the Best Time of the Year to Learn CPR? -

Why is this the Best Time of the Year to Learn CPR?

CPR is always a good skill to learn and with beach, pool and lake season approaching speedily, this should be considered the best time of the year to learn CPR.

When temperatures rise, a lot of people including families with infants and children spend most of their time at beaches or in pools. This brings about greater chances of incidents involving water emergencies especially choking dangers. People trained in CPR can however, be of assistance in such situations.

Belinda Salas, a certified CPR instructor says, “The key is to recognize problems in emergency situations and prevent them. Prevention is the key. Recognize unresponsiveness. Tapping them, talking to them and checking their pulse. No pulse, time for CPR.”

CPR certification is peace of mind for everyone especially parents like Nicole Arias.

According to Arias, “When I’m at someone’s house and they have a pool. I’m always terrified my little one will fall in.” And now that she has become CPR trained, she believes that it is very important for parents to learn CPR in order to cope with an emergency.

According to Sam Lazano, a CPR and swimming instructor, Parents taking their kids to pools and beaches should be trained in CPR and must also talk to their kids about water safety.

Everyone should be well informed about water safety as pools and beaches can pose a threat to anyone especially children if not supervised. Parents having a knowledge of CPR and first aid can someday save their child’s or some other child’s life. Moreover, with this knowledge, they are least expected to panic in emergency situations.



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