Women might be Less Likely to Get CPR from Bystanders -

Women might be Less Likely to Get CPR from Bystanders

According to a new study, women are less likely to get CPR from bystanders in an emergency and more likely to expire, and the reason is that majority of people are hesitant to touch women’s chests.

This new study was carried out after going through 20,000 cardiac arrest cases where only 39% of women who had cardiac arrest in a public place got CPR from bystanders as compared to 45% men. Hence, the study proved that men have a 23% more chance of survival. This study and its results were reported by the Associated Press at the American Heart Association conference in Anaheim, California.

As per a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania leading this study, Audrey Blewer, “It can be kind of daunting thinking about pushing hard and fast on the centre of a woman’s chest. CPR training may be biased in subtle ways. For example, even practice mannequins are usually male torsos.”

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