Baby Shower …. A Perfect Time to Expose Loved Ones to CPR! -

Baby Shower …. A Perfect Time to Expose Loved Ones to CPR!

Baby shower is a party of gift-giving or a ceremony that celebrates the delivery or expected birth of a child. It is a special occasion when families including a community of relatives, friends, neighbors, and even co-workers gather together to enjoy food, fun, and games.

Much thoughts are put into theme and decor, the kind of food to be served, games that should be played, and anticipation of how much fun everyone will have. Generally the highlight of this beautiful occasion in preparation of the unborn child are the gifts presented to the parent(s). With the unveiling of each gift the sound of every ooohs and ahhhs are heard amongst the guest.

We know clothing are included in the gift giving and rightly so as it’s one of our basic need. Safety is also a basic need. It’s role is important for survival.

What if we Shake Tradition Up?

Since baby shower is a gift-giving party and a celebration of expected birth (life into this world), we should put more thoughts into incorporating fun-filled educational games that will benefit the “LIFE” of the infant, and increase awareness in both parents and guest.

These games should be the highlight of the celebrated baby shower occasion with the sound of ooohs and ahhhs of each CORRECT answer essential in sustaining the gift of life. This occasion foster the perfect environment to expose infant CPR to family, friends, and love ones gathered in one place.

Those who do not know the skill, have no interest in learning the skill, or have completed the training but is rusty at the skill. These are individuals who will without doubt spend time with the infant. Because accidents are unfortunate incident that are unforeseen, unintentional, abrupt and causes injury or lost it’s obvious why SAFETY is important for survival.

Empowering expectant parents and guest by way of CPR-GAMING will increase the level of their confidence to respond in an emergency. This will also boost family morale and provide a safe place at home. CPR-GAMING does not satisfy a full infant cpr course, but demonstrates the importance and effectiveness of the skill when it’s implemented.

The BEST GIFT you can give to an unborn child is to learn INFANT CPR.

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