Code Blue! Now What? An Invaluable Guide for the Novice Nurse -

Code Blue! Now What? An Invaluable Guide for the Novice Nurse

Nurses enter the profession for hopes of making a difference, to care for those in their time of need and being a pillar of support for those when they are most vulnerable. With this being said, there is a high level of responsibility that comes with this territory. Patients too expect a certain level of safety and quality care to be delivered to them at all times when they are under your care. To do this, it is vital that novice nurses are continuously looking and striving to improve their skills and to seek out different educational opportunities.

This is where, “Code Blue! Now What?” plays a pivotal role in helping the novice nurse hones in and develops a foundation of proficiencies necessary for superior care to be delivered to their patients. Code Blue! Now What? will:

-Be a guiding voice to novice nurse

-Decrease the fears that every novice nurse shares

-Build a solid foundation of increased awareness, strength and courage

-Create an environment for it to be ok to make mistakes

-Increase the quality of care as a nurse you will be able to deliver

-Prevent inpatient hospital cardiac arrest

-Improve the outcomes for the patients you were called to care for

Readers will go through a series of chapters that begin with a patient going into cardiac arrest, bringing it back to what can be done before the medical emergency occurs, leading into what to do when the medical emergency occurs and ending with what to do and expect after the medical emergency is over. These are lessons that it takes years for nurses to be exposed to and master. After reading, Code Blue! Now What?, you will be able to have a heads up on what to expect. This will let the readers handle an emergency better, who already have the knowledge of what to expect and what to prepare for.

Within Code Blue! Now What? readers can anticipate not only learning from the encouraging words of a nurse who has put valuable lessons learned onto paper, but also from original artwork, audio and a Twitter account for the book that allows readers to connect with one another and the author alike. This will cultivate a learning environment that allows for personal and professional growth beyond the classroom.

Read each chapter slowly, take in the visuals and listen to the audio closely. You will find valuable lessons in all of them. Ones that you will use today, that you will use tomorrow and that you will not even know you are using until you are later reflecting on your shift.

As a new nurse, you are not supposed to know it all. You will learn, stumble and fall. There will be days you think you are the worse nurse alive and question why you ever decided to become a nurse in the first place. You will want to run, hide in the corner and flat out quit. Well, let me tell you, quitting is not an option. You were called to the profession of nursing for a reason. Your heart, passion for others and helping those in need, is what you must never forget and ground yourself in these core values when times get tough. No one ever said nursing was easy, but nothing that ever came easy in life has taught us anything or opened our minds to see the bigger picture.

As a nurse, it is imperative that you realize and never forget, what a valuable member of the healthcare team you are. Never let anyone make you feel that you are lesser than or that you are not qualified to do your job. Never buy into this lie. If you do, the care you deliver to your patients will not be of the quality and standard that you are capable of doing. Stand tall, put in the hard work, and the rest will follow. Take the time to do the extra studying, ask the questions, put in the extra hours and I know without the shadow of a doubt, you will be very successful in your nursing career.

Welcome to the profession of Nursing!

Michael M. Heuninckx RN-BSN

Code Blue! Now What? Teaser from the back of the book:

“Congratulations! You have just graduated nursing school, passed your boards and received your first job as a Registered Nurse at Code Blue Regional Hospital and Medical Center. Every new employee receives a copy of the hospital’s own book, Code Blue! Now What?, an interactive journey that sheds light on all of the insider details that go into a Code Blue! It is one thing to be taught how to perform CPR and gain a certification, but did you learn about: Prevention? Leadership? Teamwork? Knowing your limitations? How to prepare your patient? Owning your arena? Getting in with the family? Well you will learn this and much more. By the end of this book, you will have gained insight on issues and topics that take years for nurses to learn. Are you ready?”

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