Missoula CPR/First Aid Training - Jeff Kroll Review and Ratings

Missoula CPR/First Aid Training
Missoula CPR/First Aid Training
E Broadway Street Missoula, Montana 59802 406-241-9091
Website CPR and First Aid Classroom

Missoula CPR/First Aid Training by Jeff Kroll is a CPR and First Aid training provider in Missoula. Onsite classes are provided to a group of 7 or more at the preferred time of learners. Jeff Kroll is the instructor who is a full time Missoula Firefighter and brings his real world CPR experiences in the class. Classes are conducted in a very relaxed environment.


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    Leah Garfield
    July 05, 2019 16:40 Reply

    Hey Jeff,

    Are you still providing on-site CPR/First Aid Training in Missoula? If so, what are the class size preferences and price?

    Thank you!


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    Mona D. Ojeda
    July 07, 2019 16:30 Reply

    How much does it cost? And after is there a certificate that we are certified?

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    Blaine Barber
    August 31, 2019 22:12 Reply

    Hey jeff are your classes recognized by the Montana board of outfitters

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