Top 10 First Aid Kits and Other Great Essentials -

Top 10 First Aid Kits and Other Great Essentials

When it comes to picking a first aid kit for your home, cottage, or car, more isn’t always better.  While there are several first aid kits and supplies to choose from, it is a daunting process to select the “perfect kit.”

Over the years, I have purchased many first aid kits but also filled them with additional items depending on family size, event, or season.  Here is a quick guide to some great first aid kits along with some essential items that are always great to have on hand in the event of an emergency.

The Top 10  First Aid Kits and Other Great Essentials as per my research are:

​1. First Aid Kit made by True North featuring 120-piece first aid kit with a bonus 30-piece mini kit (152 items in total).
This is an excellent kit for both home, office, and outdoor survival.  It contains 130 pieces of FDA-approved first aid treatment and several emergency survival items.  True North takes this already amazing kit one step further and provides an extra 30 pieces.  All 152 pieces fit inside of this high quality, water-resistant and lightweight case.  Have you ever opened a first aid kit and everything falls out? Or it’s a jumbled mess of band aids and bandages and safety pins?   True North fixes this problem by adding different compartments for easy storage and organization. Its compact size makes it an easy grab and go item that fits into your car or back pack, and features a strap so you can carry it with you.  True North is confident you will love this kit, so much that they provide a 100% money back guarantee on their product.  If you don’t like it for ANY reason, they will happily refund your money. 

2. First Aid Only 299 Piece All-Purpose First Aid Kit, Soft Case by First Aid Only.  This versatile kit is great for the home, office, car or outdoors.  It holds 299 pieces in a lightweight, fabric case that is easy to care and store in small places. It is light weight, only half a pound and just like True North, they have mastered the organization and storage design when carrying small items.  Similar to a book, when you open the kit, everything is tucked neatly inside so that you can quickly see all the items at a glance. 

3. First Response Kit available through Wasip. It is an essential component to any automated external defibrillator rescue (AED).   This lightweight nylon kit features 12 items that are critical when someone is not breathing and unresponsive.   Every AED should come with scissors to remove the shirt, a towel to wipe the person down before applying AED pads, and a razor in the event of hair removal.  Wasip also provides a hard shell case for the pocket mask which features a one-way valve.  Another unique feature to this essential kit are the biohazard bags, gloves and alcohol wipes. 

4. The Trainer’s Deluxe Kit available through Wasip. It is an affordable and essential asset for coaches, sports teams and recreational sports.  This lightweight, nylon bag offers an assortment of practical first aid items and emergency supplies when treating injuries suffered in sports or recreational activities.  This low profile soft pack bag has multiple storage pockets for quick and easy access and easy organization. It’s an ideal bag for any trainer, coach or community volunteer.  It’s the number one bag for sports teams, high school sporting events and athletic centers. 

5. 30-Person 12 hour Deluxe First Aid Kit offered by Red Cross. It is a fantastic addition to any school board or classroom setting.  In a world of both natural and man-made disasters, the safety of our children, youth and educators is paramount.  This kit holds enough supplies to sustain 30 individuals for 12 hours.  It contains critical supplies such as high visibility vests, ear plugs, dust masks and a 7-in-1-Multi function tool.  This multi-tool is a “must have” for every 72 hour disaster kit.  It features pliers, wire cutters, blades, a bottle opener, can opener and a long-lasting LED flashlight.

6. Home and Office Deluxe First Aid Kit offered by RediMedic. It is an essential tool to any workplace or home.  It has some unique items such as paramedic scissors, eye wash, a pocket mask and first aid blanket.  This is a great kit to have within the reach of any workplace first aider and with its compact design and lightweight construction, it’s easy to grab and go to any basic emergency.  RediMedic drop ships within 24hrs and offers a broad range of individual items to replace when anything is used or expires.  Another unique feature to this essential kit are water bottles, food bars and a 36 hour Survival Candle with Matches.  

7. Pet First Aid Kit by RediMedic. It is a great first aid kit for pet owners and their pets.  This kit includes bandages and gauze to help control bleeding and keep wounds clean until they can be treated by a veterinarian.  Non-adhesive vet wrap is also great to have in a kit when caring for a dog or a cat as it does not stick to fur and can be removed quickly.  This Pet First Aid Kit by also provides a survival blanket and waterproof tape, a whistle, and tick removal kit.  All great essentials when treating pet injuries in the home, at the cottage, or when outside.

8. First aid Kit – For Car Travel, Sports, Camping, the Home, Hiking or Office by Fuyuebest. It is a compact, lightweight first aid kit stocked with medical supplies perfect for any situation.  Each deluxe kit is compete with 135 pieces of all purpose, first aid and emergency treatment supplies that are bare essentials when in an unexpected medical event.  Fuyuebest offers exceptional versatility with this affordable kit.  Feel prepared for any disaster or survival emergency that may require you to have medical grade supplies for the immediate treatment, relief and prevention of injuries and infections.  This kit is lightweight and portable boasting a zippered fabric design that makes easy to store in a closet, car, glove compartment, backpack, RV, boats or bicycle.  Fuyuebest is confident you will love this kit, and the price point, that they offer a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.  If you don’t like the kit, you can get a full refund. 

9. First Aid Kit by KepooMan CA. It is an excellent kit that is ideal for the home or office. It is lightweight and compact featuring 119 different supplies that are essential to any emergency or disaster situation.  It has an extremely hard, durable nylon casing that is idea for home, hunting, camping, traveling or sports.  This kit is produced with the highest quality standards, is CE approved and produced in an FDA approved facility. KepooMan CA is confident you will love this kit and offers a full refund, 100% money back guarantee if aren’t completely satisfied.

10. The First Aid Kit Portable Waterproof 91 Pack with Hospital Grade Medical Supplies offered by Oziral. It is perfect for home, workplace, camping, the outdoors, and more.  This compact first aid kit is essential when it comes to treating medical emergencies. Oziral has thought of everything, loading this kit up with necessary tools such as tweezers, scissors, emergency blanket, safety pins, and a broad range of pads and bandages.  Despite being so compact and light weight, there is always space to add you own unique items or supplies to fit any situation.   This First Aid Kit is also waterproof. The outer bag is water-resistant and the inner bag has waterproof laminate bags to protect items from moisture.  Oziral offers a manufacturers guarantee. If you don’t love it, they will provide you with 100% refund no questions asked.

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