Aside from nursing, CPR training is also a fast-emerging medical course in the industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that there will be a 9 percent employment growth for CPR professionals and other allied health practitioners within this decade. Private employers, hospitals and other health care settings will cause this employment growth as the incoming booming population will find difficulty in taking care of their health, particularly of their cardiovascular health. Another reason for the growth is the fact that there is an expected increase in the number of medical breakthroughs in the near future. And these breakthroughs in the form of hospital equipment may require the technical expertise of an allied health professional in operating a machine like AEDs. To take advantage of this potential career opportunity, it would be best to start your CPR training and classes now. If you live in Anchorage, you can rely on a few numbers of CPR Classes and Training Alaska schools. As a matter of fact, the state government is supporting the call to train 8th graders for performing CPR and first aid. This is because of the alarming increase in the number of people who die yearly due to heart attack. Heart disease sufferers have a lower survival rate in the country than elsewhere in the world. It is estimated that there are nearly 300,000 patients who received no medical response after suffering from cardiac arrest in the US. This estimate specifies that 92 percent of all cardiac arrest victims that take place out of a health care facility either do not survive or have lesser chances of surviving. Clearly, CPR students and practitioners are in demand more than ever. Start your medical career with CPR Classes and Training Alaska instructors. Make sure that these instructors are highly trained by OSHA, certified by the state and have years of clinical experience. In this way, you can be sure of receiving quality education, which is very important in preparing you for the difficult state certification exam for CPR. The CPR training may last up to 2 months or more depending on your schedule. If you can spend your full-time commitment to schooling, 60 days would be the ideal time to finish all degree requirements. The class will be divided into two categories; one is dedicated for classroom instruction, while the second one is dedicated to clinical practice in a real health care setting

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