With the medical industry continuously improving in Arkansas, hospitals hire CPR practitioners to add to their dedicated medical emergency response team. CPR is a medical response given to victims of heart attack and people suddenly suffering with difficulty in breathing or choking. Such circumstances require in-depth knowledge and training to be able to perform CPR correctly. For example, there is a dedicated CPR approach for younger kids and adults. A mismatch in your approach could lead to a wrongful death of the person being resuscitated. This is one of the reasons why a license is mandatory and imposed by the government to make sure that every CPR practitioner has undergone thorough classes and training. Arkansas strictly requires licensure of CPR students. Earning this license will introduce you to 60 days of intensive classroom instruction and clinical practice. Clinical practice takes place on-site or in an affiliated hospital of the school you have enrolled in. This way, you can get actual and real medical emergency actions where you need to demonstrate the skills and knowledge you have gained during the classroom instruction. You will be under strict supervision of your clinical instructor to teach and grade you with every task you completed. Take good advantage of your clinical training as it will play a big part in your upcoming certification exam. Your CPR classes and training Arkansas instructor should provide you with a week of reviewing the topics discussed and conduct a mock exam for students. The mock exam will be composed of test questions, with a goal to familiarize you with how to answer and anticipate the questions in the certification test. These preparations can help you set your mind for the test and focus on the possible questions that may come out. Therefore, you should be able to at least know the answers to over 50 percent of the test questions. The certification exam in Arkansas is divided into two. Part 1 is a written exam while part 2 is an oral exam. In most cases, students find the oral exam exhilarating. This is where you should be able to demonstrate your clinical skills in front of a panel of proctors. If you have prepared yourself for it and feel confident that you are armed with the necessary CPR skills, you should have nothing to worry about. This is also why during your mock exam, you should raise all questions to your instructor that you need to know to perfect your performance.

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