According to scientific studies, heart disease is another health problem that could develop if the patient is suffering from arthritis, dementia and brittle bone diseases. Clearly, the said diseases are more common among adults. This goes to show that the heart disease sufferer population is most likely comprised of over 60 years old individuals. Therefore, they most definitely need medical assistance as there is a possibility that some of them could no longer provide medical response to their condition by themselves. This is where the role of allied health practitioners would come in. CPR and first aid professionals have a bigger role to play in securing an immediate medical response to an adult’s heart attack symptoms. In Connecticut, women are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular-related diseases than men. The state records show that 30 percent of female deaths in CT are caused by stroke and heart attack. This percentage translates to 13 women who die each day. It has long been proposed by professional organizations, surveys and research projects that teaching people how to do CPR would greatly increase the survival rate of people with heart disease. This is why in CT, the state government firmly believes in their advocacy to educating the locals about the importance of CPR. Among these 13 women who die every day, you could be the one who can bring substantial decrease in this figure by enrolling in a CPR classes and training Connecticut institution. Similar to doctors and nurses, CPR professionals are also a lifesaver for people who have difficulty in breathing, drowning and heart attack. Your role will be taken with high regards, and much respect is given to medical practitioners regardless of their job title. The CPR classes and training Connecticut duration may only last up to 2 months. In some cases, some students take more than 60 days to complete the program successfully because they work on it part-time. It does not matter if it will take 6 months since the certification exam is conducted all year round. The CPR training programs are also available anytime this school year so you do not have to worry about being a late enrollee. To ensure a slot, you should contact the school immediately and hand over the necessary documents they need from new students. A few examples of school requirements include your high school diploma, birth certificate, admission fees, and while for employees, they are required to submit a permit from their employer to take the 60-day training.

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