The two primary causes of death in Florida are stroke and cardiovascular disease. These diseases can be prevented, if the patients have enough knowledge about their condition, provided with the right medicines and have somebody who can respond to their emergency needs. A primary example of a medical professional who are an excellent addition to a medical response group is a licensed CPR. The said practitioners are responsible for providing medical attention to patients during emergency situations such as heart attack and stroke. The state government has become more firm in their advocacy to prevent unwanted deaths caused by those diseases which are common among adults. In 2006, Florida has set a record of 8,925 deaths due to stroke and 44,305 deaths due to heart attack. As a licensed CPR, you will be able to help those people who suffer from unexpected heart attacks while potentially giving them another chance to live. With this noble nature of the job, no wonder more and more people are now looking for a CPR classes and training Florida instructor. Good thing you can choose from a wide array of schools and instructors to undergo CPR training with. In fact, you may also consider the training program offered by Red Cross, the state’s Fire department and by the American Heart Association. There are professional organizations that are also willing to train citizens how to perform CPR and first aid. You just need to find the most reliable institution that has courses approved by the State of Florida. It is because a state-approved CPR training provider has undergo the stringent requirements of the state first before being able to offer courses. The state will thoroughly review the school’s facilities, instructors and curriculum. The instructors are required to have years of experience in teaching CPR, licensed by the AHA and trained by OSHA. As of right now, one of the goals of the state is to significantly reduce heart disease and stroke death by promoting the importance of CPR training, good lifestyle and behavior. Most CPR classes and training Florida instructors received intensive training from health care institutions that they practiced at. The training involves classroom instruction, class participation and a few weeks of clinical training. The last couple of weeks of the program will focus on licensure exam preparations, including mock test and reviews. The mock test is the best time to show your CPR skills and approach in front of your group mates and instructors.

Some Leading CPR Certification and Training Providers in Florida

1. The CPR School, LLC Located at Florida, this training provider is ready on-the-go. The company offers AED, CPR, Basic Life Support, First Aid and Blood borne Pathogen HIV AIDS safety certification training and classes. The instructors are willing to travel to a place where it is convenient for you to take up the classes and undergo training. A few examples of locations that they go to include country club, church, community multipurpose gym, resort, and hotel, dental or medical office, workplace, among many others. 18020 Crown Quay Lane Jupiter FL 33458 - www.thecprschool.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. CPR Florida This company is a good resource for CPR training courses, including renewal or re-certification classes. It is located in Miami, but the instructors are willing to travel your desired training site. CPR Florida also prides on having an array of emergency supplies like AED that you can purchase for personal use. 1395 n. Military Trail West Palm Beach, FL 33409  - http://www.cprflorida.net

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