In the State of Georgia, second hand smoking is one of the leading factors that trigger heart attack and stroke. The main victims are adults with 35 years of age and above. These people of the said age bracket comprise 20 percent of the state’s population, so they are really a big loss to the state’s economy. A lot of people die from heart attack caused by second hand smoking because a few seconds of exposure can increase heart disease risk. It is where the heart rate starts to increase as the blood pressure increases. As a result, the walls of the blood vessels start to thicken, creating a strait passage for the blood that is supposed to be flowing smoothly. Even though there are lots of risk factors out there, heart attack and its fatal result can be avoided. Apply for a CPR classes and training Georgia school to gain the necessary clinical skills for administering CPR and safety measures to a patient. CPR is one of the precautionary measures recommended to perform during an emergency like a sudden heart attack or stroke. During your CPR training, you will become familiar with the basic heart attack signs and symptoms that you should observe before giving the patient the necessary first aid. A few examples of these signs include chest pain or discomfort, difficulty in breathing, discomfort in the upper extremities of the body, light-headedness and nausea. You should ask if the patient feels an unbearable pressure in his chest. If this condition is positive, it is the right time then to offer him first aid and bring to the nearest hospital for a more thorough medical attention. Knowing these signs and symptoms can help you determine if the patient is indeed suffering from a fatal heart attack as of the moment. The CPR classes and training Georgia instructor should have in-depth understanding of other signs that usually go unnoticed even by the patients themselves. With years of clinical practice, you should expect your CPR instructor to give you a very comprehensive knowledge on medical emergency situations that require your skills and knowledge. Plus, the instructor should be able to share some tried and tested CPR approaches when reviving an adult, teenager or a younger kid. For different circumstances and patients, there is an appropriate CPR. For example, if your patient is suffering from choking, it is a must to perform the five-and-five approach. This approach uses 5 back blows, 5 thrusts in the abdominal area, and a combination of 5 blows and 5 thrusts that should be done alternately.

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