CPR training in Iowa is compulsory. The citizens must take CPR training seriously in an effort of the local government to reduce the mortality rate of heart attack and stroke sufferers. It is simply because by providing first aid and CPR to the victim, he or she could survive the attack in no time. A successful CPR professional will try to revive in good faith anyone who is in need of medical attention. However, in 2011, the state legislature debates on filing a bill that will stop CPR training in Iowa schools as mandatory. The American Heart Association now tries to save the required CPR classes and training Iowa program to continue their efforts in reducing the risks of heart attacks in patients. But whether it is mandatory or optional, choosing to become a CPR professional is a rewarding and noble job. In fact, in Iowa alone, a CPR instructor could earn $32,990 on an average basis. The highest salary is at around $53,000, while the minimum salary is $17,640 per annum. The figures are pretty decent considering that there is high competition in the local job market. As for the hourly rate, if you plan on working part-time, you can earn as high as $25.07 per hour, $14.28 on average, or $10.61 as the lowest hourly rate. The good news is that the job outlook for CPR professionals in the country look good within the decade, 2013-2023. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that there is 19 percent increase in the job opportunities for CPR practitioners and EMTs. This is because newer hospital equipment for the emergency responders will be developed that might require the technical knowledge of CPR practitioners and EMTs. Therefore, now is the best time to become a licensed CPR to gain years of experience before the market starts to grow again for the allied healthcare industry. You can choose from a lot of AHA-certified CPR classes and training Iowa schools. After high school, you can pursue a career in the medical field in which the training may only last up to a few months. After 2 weeks of review and mock test, you should be prepared for taking the licensure examination in Iowa. Passing the certification test will earn you the right and entitlement to practice CPR and first aid within the state. You can work in a wide range of work settings like in a hospital, private practice, resort and hotel, home healthcare, and community centers.

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