The Bluegrass state, Kentucky, is preparing for the initiating programs that target to improve the lifestyle of the locals. Primarily health-related initiatives like the establishment of a HeartSafe Community in different KY Counties are an effort to save one or two people who suffer from sudden cardiac arrest on a daily circumstance. For example, a HeartSafe Community is recently established in Clark County by the KY Department of Public Health along with the help of the Cabinet of Health and Family Services. However, if you are really committed to becoming a licensed CPR in the state, it will be best to enroll in a CPR classes and training Kentucky school near you. Since most CPR training schools accept enrollees all year round, you may apply for admission any time or whenever you are free from your hectic schedule. The training program consists of an intensive instruction in a classroom setting and hands-on training in a facility dedicated for CPR. The classes will run up to 60 days depending on the school’s program and your schedule, if you are studying full-time. Most schools and instructors also accept a large group of students since some employers require their staff to undergo CPR training to promote a healthier workplace. This has been the trend in private business companies as the national statistics shows that risk factors like second hand smoking, pollution, diabetes and hypertension can greatly trigger cardiac arrest. So, as a licensed CPR, you can also work on different work settings and environment. As for job opportunities, the most lucrative position belongs to CPR classes and training Kentucky instructors. These professionals earn $55,290 annually which amount is based on maximum salary. On an average basis, you can earn as high as $30,830 while the minimum salary you can get is $16,410. The salary figures may vary depending on your years of experience in the industry, education, license and type of work setting. If you are working in private practice, there is a high chance that you can earn more than $55 grand per year as instructors usually charge on a per head basis. The rate varies from $12 to $60 per student. In most cases, KY CPR instructors charge around $50 per head if they are teaching a large class like 40-50 students in a session. So, aside from earning decent salary, you will enjoy working in a dynamic and very rewarding career.

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