With cardiovascular diseases increasing becoming the number one cause of death in Louisiana, the state heart hospital now focuses their efforts on educating the locals on the primary signs and symptoms of heart attack. Aside from this, the state also needs the professional experience of CPR instructors to teach citizens the proper ways to perform CPR on a patient in need of rescue. LA Heart Hospital believes that such a disease with fatal results can be prevented if people know how to make the right lifestyle choices for taking of their hearts. A few pieces of advice include abstinence from too much drinking liquor; have a regular exercise; proper diet; and good environment. To become a licensed CPR in Louisiana, you will have to enroll in a class set up by a state-recognized CPR training program provider. The instructors should have an active CPR license, comprehensive skills set, teaching experience and proven track of record. In that way, you can be sure of receiving high quality education from the CPR classes and training Louisiana instructor. During the classroom instruction, you will learn how heart attack occurs. This condition occurs when the flow of the blood is blocked in a certain part of the heart. The blockage is usually caused by a blood clot that cuts off blood circulation; thus, the victim feels chest pain and difficulty in breathing. As a CPR practitioner, your job is to revive the victim by applying chest compressions over a couple of times. Chest compressions will help the blood circulate again to keep the victim conscious until the emergency response team arrives. This is why citizens who know how to perform CPR play a crucial role in increasing chances of survival rate of people enduring cardiac arrest. CPR instructors in Louisiana enjoy earning a good amount of annual salary. Aside from having a rewarding career, instructors can earn up to $57,900 annually which is the highest salary. For experienced CPR professionals, they can earn as high as $46,900 while for newbies the starting salary is $20,970. Overall, the median salary of CPR classes and training Louisiana instructors is $34,860 per annum. Similar with other career fields, the salary is affected by certain contributing factors like level of education, industry experience, and work environment, among many others. Earning your CPR license is most definitely the first step to becoming a successful safety team member in a healthcare setting.

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