In Massachusetts, CPR instructors can have a lucrative career. The highest annual salary they could earn is $73,320, while on the average basis, the salary is $46,120. The salary range is affected by several factors, with experience as one of the main contributing factors as you accumulate your years of experience you can earn higher salary per annum. The lowest salary that fresh graduates can get is between $23,860 and $31,730. This figure is higher compared to how much CPR instructors earn in other states. So, becoming a certified CPR practitioner is a good career option for high school graduates and for those who want to shift from their current job. If taking the CPR training program online is the only option for you right now, the state has established policies and standards for online schools. The state Department of Public Health explained in 2004 that the state requirements for CPR certification could not be exclusively met through online classes. The online CPR classes and training Massachusetts school should still provide you with on-site training to help you demonstrate CPR properly while evaluating your skills. Basically, the state standards for the training should be both academic and practical where skills evaluation and training must be done closely and under the direct supervision of a qualified instructor. This way, you can take the certification exam knowing that the instructors have thoroughly prepared you to become a CPR practitioner. Under the state laws, all CPR schools or instructors should offer program courses that are recognized by the government, OSHA and the American Heart Association. It is because the said non-profit organizations issue the certificates for CPR exam passers to be legally proclaimed as practitioners in the state. So, your CPR classes and training Massachusetts online school should add practical training to their course program to make you an eligible candidate for the licensure test. If the school does not meet the above requirements, it is then a red flag and you should avoid them. MA State recognizes the CPR program offered by the MA Emergency Care Training Academy and its Basic Life Support online course for health care providers. The training program is designed to provide flexibility in studying pace and schedule for students who have other commitments to attend to. Part one of the course is all about theoretical approaches relevant to CPR and first aid. You must be able to complete part one successfully before proceeding to Part two of the program.

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