Although Mississippi is one of the few states that has lower number of deaths due to heart diseases and stroke, the state does not want to sit on their laurels. More and more people develop health problems that serve as risk factors to the said diseases like obesity, smoke pollution and hypertension. Thus, these people with health problems are not far from developing a heart disease and suffer from as they grow older. In Mississippi, around 8,000 individuals died from heart disease and 1,585 died because of stroke in 2006. To secure higher chances of survival among heart attack victims, the state now encourages locals, both teenagers and adults, to consider undergoing CPR training. For students, choose among CPR classes and training Mississippi schools that are recognized by the American Heart Association and the state. The said non-profit organization had recently announced the top CPR training providers in the state where you can possibly find the best-suiting school for your needs. It is imperative to find a CPR school or instructor who received approval by AHA, Red Cross and the state department of public health to secure your slot in the CPR licensure exam. You should know that the state does not allow candidates who received CPR academic and practical training from an institution that did not meet the state laws and requirements. You can consult to the American Heart Association’s Mississippi Training Center Coordinator to confirm qualified training centers for studying CPR. Becoming a CPR practitioner in the state is also not a bad option especially for high school graduates. You will become a part of the medical team, whose role is crucial in making sure that the victim being treated outside of the hospital remains alive and conscious. CPR or EMT is a rewarding job as you take a huge social responsibility in keeping the state friendly for heart attack patients. Financially, the highest salary that CPR classes and training Mississippi instructors earn in a year is between $45,420 and $57,310. Fresh graduates get the lowest annual salary with $17,670 to $24,100. The average salary is $29,870, and the best thing is that this career will open you to a lot of opportunities. It is due to the fact that there is shortage of CPR, AED and first aid professionals in the country today. Thus, there is an expected increase in the employment growth for these healthcare providers within this decade.

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