In Missouri, public school students are required to undergo CPR training. The local government believes that when more people are knowledgeable in providing the appropriate medical response to a situation, it could save many lives. For example, a person who suddenly collapsed on the alley due to cardiac arrest can be revived with the help of a CPR-trained individual. The person trained in CPR and first aid can give immediate medical response and attention to the victim while waiting for the EMT team of the nearest hospital. So, learning CPR is indeed playing a vital role in building a socially responsible community in Missouri. For employees and family members, you can also opt to study CPR classes and training Missouri program. Finding the right CPR training provider in MO is not a daunting task, as there are many hospitals and institutions that offer such a healthcare training program. The American Heart Association can provide a list of qualified CPR schools and instructors in the state to prepare you for the licensure exam later on. Make sure that the instructor or school that you have selected offers state-approved CPR courses to guarantee you of receiving quality education. If you intend to become a licensed CPR, the instructor must be certified and his or her clinical experience is recognized by the American Heart Association. The state laws dictate that the CPR classes and training Missouri schools and instructors should meet the guidelines and standards established by the AHA, public health department and government. This is especially true for online CPR schools, as completion of online classes is not enough to be eligible for taking the licensure exam. The school should provide you practical CPR training, where you would visit an on-site location for learning and demonstrating your CPR skills before your instructors. The clinical training is also a way for you to be closely evaluated by your instructor and help you improve your first aid and CPR skills. So, even if you take your CPR classes online, you should still allot some of your time to go to school. The CPR classes and training Missouri program can take up to 60 days, while the certification test will take 2 days. The first day is dedicated for the written exam, which you should pass in order to proceed to the oral exam which is going to be on day two. Passing the two exams would earn you a CPR license good for 1 to 2 years.

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