CPR training is becoming a requirement by a lot of employers to provide employees a healthier workplace. Some of the risk factors to heart attack and respiratory diseases include second hand smoking, air pollution and hypertension that a large number of people have in the state of Montana. In fact, the Center for Disease Control had recently reported that 25.2 percent of the state population has high blood pressure, 61. 8 percent are obese and 34.6 percent has high blood cholesterol. Most patients are adults, so they likely do not have the capability to secure medical attention to themselves when needed most. An individual who knows how to give CPR or first aid to a suffering cardiac arrest patient can be a life-saver. With that, CPR classes and training Montana instructors are enjoying employment growth that they currently experience. More and more employers require prospective employees to learn CPR or earn a license. Plus, CPR is a great addition to one’s skill sets that he or she could use as an upper hand to other applicants anywhere in the country. For those who only want to learn how to administer CPR, participating in your public health clinic’s CPR training would be a good idea. If you are serious about making CPR as a career, applying for a CPR classes and training Montana school is most recommended. During the academic and practical training, you will learn the different CPR techniques and approaches. You will learn that there is a dedicated CPR approach for younger children and adults, and the same with the CPR used for reviving a drowned patient. Hands-only CPR is the most basic approach that is going to be taught to students whether they be teenagers, professionals or adults. As for potential job opportunities, the most experienced and successful CPR classes and training Montana instructors earn between $41,860 and $54,970 per year. For less experienced CPR instructors, they typically make anywhere between $18,050 and $24,040 annually. Thus, this makes the average salary to be $34,780, which is already quite a lucrative job for allied healthcare professionals in the state. Aside from this, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has also projected that the demand for EMT professionals in the US will increase from 2010 to 2020. The employment growth would be 19 percent and is due to shortage of CPR and first aid practitioners the past few years. This goes to show that now is the time to become a licensed CPR in Montana.

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