Nebraska is one of the first states to require public high school students ages 11 to 18 to learn how to perform CPR and give first aid to those in need of medical help. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is now a graduation requirement to prepare the youth for medical emergencies and for saving lives. The said CPR classes and training Nebraska program is designed after the guidelines and courses of the American Heart Association and American Red Cross. First aid, CPR and administration of automated external defibrillator (AED) will be taught according to evidence-based guidelines of the said health organizations. As early as high school, teenagers will learn the importance of becoming responsible socially and caring for other people. And this is a good step to introduce them to potential career paths in the medical field. Most medical professionals say that earning CPR license is a stepping stone to the field and work closely with physicians. If you are a high school student and planning on pursuing a healthcare related career, becoming a licensed CPR is then recommended. CPR classes and training Nebraska schools require enrollees to submit your high school diploma and other important credentials. You must be 18 years of age to enroll in an advanced CPR training program as per state requirements. While choosing a CPR classes and training Nebraska school, it is wise to cross out options in the list that do not provide on-site practical training, courses that are not approved by the state and instructors without or inactive license. The state only recognizes schools that have met their standards in quality education; hence, you may lose your chance of taking the licensure exam if your CPR training provider is incompetent. The most important goal of CPR training schools is to prepare you for real-life situations and for the certification exam. This is why the training is quite stringent for CPR students because as part of the emergency medical response team, your purpose is to serve and save the lives of those in need of urgent medical care. Good thing most CPR classes and training Nebraska programs are conducted by legitimate state public health organizations, fire department, local Red Cross chapter, hospitals and other private CPR training schools. If prefer taking your CPR classes online, it would be best to thoroughly check the online instructor’s offered courses, in an effort to determine if the courses are approved by the state.

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