New Hampshire

The CPR classes and training New Hampshire instructors have undergone intensive preparation to teach students advanced life support approaches. Earning your license is the first step to working as a member of the paramedic team or as an instructor. In New Hampshire, candidates must be 18 year of age or above and you must present your high school diploma if you are fresh coming out from high school. Criminal background check also needs to be done, as per state laws. If you have committed felony, you can still undertake CPR training but your working hours will be limited. You will need to complete the 120 hours of intermediate CPR training to become a legitimate candidate for the certification test after successfully passing all program requirements. After completing the initial requirements for admission, it is now time to look for a CPR classes and training New Hampshire school with courses and facility approved by the state. The training program is divided into two parts, which include the classroom instruction and the practical training. Of the 120 hours of training, classroom instruction consists of 64 hours and the rest is spent on the practical exercises. This could take about 60 days depending on your studying pace since you can work on it either part time or full time student. Keep in mind that a non-approved CPR training program may yield to ineligibility to sit for the CPR license exam. So, before you register for a course program it is advisable to check the school’s records at the American Heart Association, state public health department or through their affiliations. In this way, you can be sure of receiving quality CPR education that you need to jumpstart your career in the healthcare field. The cost for CPR training in New Hampshire ranges from $700 to $1,500. The cost is already good for a 6-week intensive academic and practical training. You will have to pay another $100 for the licensure exam. Upon earning your license, it will then be issued after a few weeks and it is valid for 2 years. You need to renew your license every now and then to remain eligible for working as a CPR instructor or professional in New Hampshire. Unable to do so would mean a violation of the state laws. For starters, CPR classes and training New Hampshire instructors earn anywhere between $23,070 and $30,930 per year. The highest salary you can earn is around $61,770 to $78,120.

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