New Jersey

New Jersey has a Public Access for Defibrillation law to provide immediate medical response to emergencies in public and work places. However, if you are not trained in giving proper CPR to a victim, having an AED in place would be worthless. If your workplace has an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED), it is also imperative to have someone knowledgeable of CPR and its approaches around. You can set up your own team of first aid and AED practitioners to respond to medical emergencies anywhere within your vicinity. So, undergoing CPR training is necessary among your selected or all employees. Good thing there is a great number of CPR classes and training New Jersey instructors that you can choose from near your site. In choosing your CPR instructor, spend a few hours doing some background check particularly on the courses they offer. The courses must be approved by the state, which a state-approved CPR training program is supposed to mean high quality education. The CPR instructor should also be licensed, actively practicing his or her profession for over some years and has excellent teaching background. It is because although there may be good instructors out there, only a few are truly excellent in demonstrating their teaching skills to different kinds of students regardless of the age bracket. Your CPR classes and training New Jersey instructor should also offer you some flexible options like if you want to conduct the training in your work place or in their state-approved facility. The Jersey City Medical Center and Liberty Health are one of the many CPR training providers in the state. The courses they offer are evidenced-based from the standards of the American Heart Association. For individuals who are serious about making CPR a career, it is important to choose a CPR classes and training New Jersey school that can prepare you for the licensure exam. Getting an advanced training in life support is one step to becoming a licensed paramedic in the state. You can also become a CPR instructor should you desire to work in private practice. And the good news is that CPR instructors in NJ receive an average annual salary of $49,170. The salary could go as high as $83,290 if you have at least 10 years of experience. Fresh graduates can earn a considerably lucrative salary of anywhere between $19,750 and $30,790. After over 5 years of experience, you can expect to earn as much as $67,300 per annum.

Some leading CPR certification and training providers

1. Reeds Medical Services This New Jersey-based non-medical consulting and home care agency is known for their comprehensive CPR and PRO training for instructors. The company is comprised with healthcare professionals and business managers, as they also offer business management training for instructors who want to open a CPR or CNA training school. 33 Caribbean Ct Barnegat, NJ 08005

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