North Carolina

As the new state laws require, public high school students in North Carolina will need to undergo basic CPR training before graduation. This new law will be applied to 2014-2015 students. One main reason behind the implementation of this state law is to help the national government reduce the number of deaths caused by cardiac arrest and stroke. It is a known fact that in North Carolina, heart diseases were responsible for the deaths of 17,271 residents in 2006. If the number of individuals who know how to give CPR to cardiac arrest victims will increase, there is a great chance of increasing the mortality rate among the patients. Or at least, the cardiac arrest patients will arrive alive and be treated in the nearest the hospital. Several CPR classes and training North Carolina schools provide comprehensive and advanced life support programs aside from the American Heart Association and Red Cross. These training providers should prepare you for the state certification test after 6 weeks of training. The program is divided into two types; classroom instruction and the on-site practical training. In NC, you have to complete the 60 hours of classroom instruction and the remaining hours will be allotted for the clinical training. A successful CPR training instructor will also provide students mock exam a week before the licensure test. The mock exam is the right time to evaluate your preparedness, skills and knowledge you have trained for. In this way, you can quickly correct your CPR techniques and apply the acceptable approaches to effectively give CPR to a certain patient. Advanced life support training engages you to learn different types of CPR techniques that are recommended for applying to children, adults and victims of drowning or choking. The CPR classes and training North Carolina program of the government for high school students cover basic lessons only. This is just to address the problem in the little to no medical response given to people collapsing on the street due to heart attack. Thus, the untoward incident results to deaths that could have been prevented if proper CPR or first aid was administered right away. So, if you want to take your CPR training to a higher level, it is recommended to enroll in a state-approved healthcare institution. You can hire an independent CPR instructor to provide you quality education either on-site or online. The cost for the CPR courses range from $50 to $60 per student.

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