North Dakota

In North Dakota, some employees are required to undergo CPR training and earn license before getting hired by their employers. This is why if you are planning to work on a child care institution, it is an employment requirement to complete basic CPR training conducted by a qualified instructor. Aside from this, North Dakota needs the professional help of CPR practitioners or paramedics more than ever as the state is experiencing a rise in the number of cardiac arrest-related deaths since 2006. The CDC has it recorded that the state has 1,527 deaths from cardiovascular disease in the said year. So, North Dakota is one with the federal government in their call for growing the survival chances of individuals suffering from stroke and heart disease. The solution seen by national health organizations is through educating the citizens about the key role of CPR in saving the lives of medical emergency victims. If becoming a licensed CPR is your initial way to entering the medical field, you have to enroll in a qualified CPR classes and training North Dakota program provider. You need to be at least 18 years old to enroll and must pass the criminal background check set by the state government. If you are convicted of felony, you may still pursue your CPR training and work but on a limited time only. So, there is a chance that the training will likely take up more than 6 weeks. The good thing is you are able to start your life anew in North Dakota while working as a certified CPR practitioner in a hospital, healthcare organization, fire department, private practice, or in a clinic. As for the structure of the CPR training program, it will be into two parts where 60 hours are spent on academic instruction and the rest is spent on practical training. The classroom instruction is where you are expected to learn basic and advanced theoretical knowledge about CPR, life support approaches, AED and first aid. During the practical training, there is where you will apply all knowledge-based lessons you have learned and demonstrate your skills in front of the instructor. Your CPR classes and training North Dakota instructor should guide you while mastering the right CPR techniques on your dummy patients. Take advantage of this time to ask for tried and tested techniques from your instructor so that you will be prepared enough for the state certification exam a couple of weeks after you have completed the program requirements.

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